5 Makeup Removal Mistakes That Might Be Adding Years To Your Face Secretly

Congrats! Now, you’re a makeup pro. You glow and look youthful. Just a dab of foundation here and a splash of color there – voila! You are done. You wear sunscreen and have your own favorite eye cream. You’re good to go, right? Well, not really! Something as simple as lack of proper makeup removal technique can add years to your look. No, we are not kidding!

We’re not here to scare you. But we all make certain makeup removal mistakes that we all are guilty of. And these makeup mistakes can cost a lot more than we expected, simply, by adding years to our face. Let’s explore such makeup removal mistakes that we have been doing unknowingly.

5 Makeup Removal Mistakes

You use the same face towel for days

Yes, this sounds a bit tacky but how many of us are actually guilty of doing this? It is highly recommended to change your face towel daily. Free radicals tend to build upon on our face, which are then transferred to face towels, thus giving us those unwanted wrinkles.

You rely too much on face wipes

Makeup removing face wipes don’t do much to clean your skin. Let’s face it! They only help in removing the visible makeup. Further, they dry out the skin, especially around the eyes, thus making crow’s feet all the more visible. The best way to remove makeup it to use water and face wash – that is what is going to help you get rid of that thick layer of makeup you carry all day long.

You’re using an overwhelming cleanser

We called it overwhelming because cleanser is only good at forming a lot of foamy stuff. But that would not cut the makeup. And this is the reason that you see subtle BB cream smudges on your towel after washing your face with a face wash. The best way is to use a makeup remover or a face wash that is made to remove makeup.

You often doze off with open hair

We understand. After coming back home past midnight, making even a simple pony seems like a big task and you often end up sleeping with open hair. What’s more? Makeup residue gets accumulated around your hairline, thus leading to clogged pores and breakouts. Don’t be surprised if you find breakouts on your forehead the next morning!

You often end up skipping the last step

No matter the kind of skin you have, make it a point that you complete the process with a good moisturizer. Seal the lips with a good lip balm after you have removed the lipstick and dab an eye cream.

Finally, all done! Permission granted to hit that pillow as it beckons.

Good night.

Easy Ways To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Never take your eye makeup lightly. Your eyes talk and can either make or break your look.

Undoubtedly, there is a range of makeup accessories available right from eyeliner to mascara, eyeshadow, highlight, and contour and using each one of them can be quite confusing.

Not anymore. We have here lined up a few must-try ways which would make your eyes pop almost instantly.

Let’s see how.

  • Line it well

Do you have a sudden date, and you need to make your eyes pop? If you are not a pro at makeup, we can understand how hard it is to get your eyeliner on point. So, the cheat code here is to first line your eyes with a pencil liner as it is much easier to draw a straight line with it.

Once done, draw the line again with a liquid liner. It would be much easier now as you already have a rough line to color around. And the result would be a well-lined, smudge free and on point liner.

  • Take an ice cube, baby!

A Sunday brunch can be little chaotic especially when you wake up just half an hour before the scheduled time. We totally get you when your eyes sting badly and you are not sure if it due to wine or because you slept so much. But, whatever it is, you can always have an ice cube to your rescue.

Simply take an ice bag and rub it gently on your eyes. The result? Fresh eyes!

  • Open up your eyes

Make your eyes pop instantly by lining the inside rim of your lower eyelid with a white eye pencil. This is because white eyeliner creates an illusion and makes your eyes look bigger.

  • Hide it all easily!

Heading to a beach and want to look picture perfect? Well, did you hide the dark circles? Dark circles make your skin look dull and gloomy. Further, they also make your eyes look smaller.

Solution? Grab your concealer and brighten up your eyes by blending it seamlessly. However, make sure that you do it smartly by picking a shade that is one shade lighter and warmer than your actual skin tone.

  • Curl it up

Don’t underestimate the power of curling your eyelashes. This 3-second task can add definition to your eyes by making your eyelashes longer. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, use your spoon for curling purposes.

All you need to do is rinse a spoon with warm water. Dry it off and place the edge of the spoon on the top of your eyelashes, gradually applying pressure, and the end result – fabulous!

  • Sparkle the color

You can even make your eyes pop by applying the eyeshadow in the right way. All you need to is use a damp and warm brush while applying eyeshadow. This will add intensity to your eyes and make your eyes look vibrant, by imparting a dewy look.

So, all-set to make heads turn?

Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Truth be told, applying makeup is nothing less than an art!

It is just a matter of right products and experience that would help you in flaunting larger eyes, fuller lips, a slimmer nose and much more. 

Up for a date, or have an urgent meeting to attend with no time to book an appointment in the beauty salon? Well, we have got your back! Here are a few simple and quick makeup tips that would make you look flawless. Check out.

  • Apply primer

Applying primer right at the beginning of the make-up process sets up a proper base. But make sure that you have applied the moisturizer properly and massaged it all over your face before applying a primer. While choosing a primer, make sure that it has Silica as one of its important ingredients. This is because a Silica-rich primer helps you in hiding fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

  • Choose your foundation wisely

Most of the women all around the world make a huge mistake by choosing the wrong foundation. Mostly they prefer dark or thick foundation. And, apply multi-layers which results in a complete mess.

This should not happen to you. Thus, keep in mind to buy a foundation which is thin in texture. While applying, go in steps, apply one layer with proper rotation of fingers all over the face, then go for the other layer and mix it well. 

  • Find your shade

It is very important to know your skin tone. This helps you to choose the right shade which would flatter your skin. The best way to find a foundation that matches well with your skin tone is to test it on your neck first. If it blends well with the skin color at your neck, it is likely that it will be a perfect fit for your skin too. Also, if you have a dry skin, you should mix moisturizer with the foundation before applying. 

  • Apply properly

Ideally, you should apply small size dots of foundation all over your face. Now, blend it properly by applying the right amount of pressure at each point of the face. Just keep in mind to highlight the jawline, nose and the head region of the face. 

  • Utilize your fingers

The right way to apply the foundation is to blend it in an outward direction. Fingers play a very important role in doing so. Move your fingers in a circular motion with even pressure at all points. You may use a massager or make-up blender to mix it evenly all over the face.

  • Absorb extra foundation using sponge

Mistakes may happen while applying makeup. However, fret not! If by chance you find that there is some extra foundation left even after mixing, you may use a sponge to wipe it off. Choose a soft make-up removing sponge for this purpose. One wipe and you are sorted. 

These were a few smart makeup tricks. Try them, and we’re sure, you will ace them like a pro!

5 Makeup Tips Every Redhead Should Know

Just like you match your makeup to your eye color; it is equally important to match your makeup to the color of your hair?

Blonde hair color appears to be good when next to the shades of gold, while brunettes often look best when accompanied by a coppery colored metallic makeup. But it is difficult to complement red tresses.

In order to know the best makeup for the red hair, we reached out to a few makeup artists for their tips on how to complement red hair with makeup, as well as the products they consider best for those who have auburn tresses.

Let’s check out.

  • Choose your foundation wisely

If you are a redhead, then you must choose your foundation based on your skin tone and not your hair color. Not all redhead should wear a yellow based foundation because it really depends on your personal skin tone.

You must match your foundation to the color of your neck rather than your hair color. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up or be ashamed of them. You can choose a sheer foundation that lets your freckles to peek through. 

  • Pick the right eyeshadow

It is often recommended to only wear neutral eyeshadows because it is good throughout the day, but redheads should not be afraid to wear bright colors too. Jewel tones look amazing on redheads, especially emerald green. This is because red and green are opposite in the color wheel spectrum and that is why this contrast looks amazing on redheads. 

  • Matching your eyebrow color

It can be really tricky for redheads to get the eyebrows right. It is found that the best way to match your natural eyebrow color is to find a matte eyeshadow to fill in your brows. For those who have dyed their hair into the red, a blonde eyebrow pencil would be a good match. Remember that your eyebrows don’t need to match exactly to the color of your hair. You should have one or two shades darker brows if you have light red hair color and one or two shades lighter brows when you have darker red hair. 

  • Maintaining the red color

Even if your hair is brutally red or dyed, it is the hardest color to maintain. Red hair dye is the quickest one to fade away and even those who have this hair color naturally, they need to take extra care of their hair. You must protect your hair with a hat when you are outside in the sun. You should also do some color treatments in order to protect your hair while you are at home. 

  • Choice of the blush

Every redhead is recommended to own a blush which has a warm peachy color. It looks amazingly flattering on every redhead and it provides the perfect flush for every day.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using a Concealer

If you are a makeup-lover, we are sure concealer would be an essential part of your daily makeup routine.

This is perhaps because concealer provides a good base for further makeup products. This is what makes concealer such a versatile product. But, as important it is, it is equally important that the concealer is applied in a correct and perfect manner for that flawless look. This is simply because if the base is not applied in the right manner, the entire makeup goes wrong.

This should not happen to you. And, so we are here with some common mistakes that you must avoid while applying concealer or foundation:


  • Not preparing your skin before concealing

It is recommended that you wash your face properly and wipe it before applying makeup. Further, make sure that you put a good quality primer before wearing a concealer. Primers tend to form a good smooth base before makeup. Also, take care of your skin in general. Try to exfoliate it, once or twice a week.

  • Not buying the concealer according to your skin type

Not applying a concealer according to your skin type is as worst as not wearing a concealer at all! It is very important that you buy a concealer in line with your skin’s type and requirements. Make sure that the product you are buying suits your skin’s complexion as well.

  • Concealing in the wrong kind of lightning

It is essential that you apply concealer in the right kind of lightning which lets you see your dark spots and marks. It is only then that you would be able to hide them perfectly.

Applying makeup in natural light will also give you an idea of how the final result will look. Further, it is highly recommended to prefer yellow light for makeup especially in evening.

  • Not blending properly

Blending is one of the most important steps while applying a concealer. Try to apply same pressure at all points of the face. After that, highlight your important areas like nose line, jawline and the likes. If you are not a pro in this, you might also like to buy makeup blenders which do the task for you efficaciously.


  • Buying a light-toned concealer


Very light concealers do no good to skin blemishes. They don’t hide them. They act as a normal cream in that case. In fact, in some cases, a light-toned concealer highlights all the blemishes and redness of the skin.

  • Applying many layers of concealer

Be smart while putting concealers. Apply it in a way that it is not visible, yet hides the blemishes just perfectly. As a rule of thumb, applying only two thin layers of concealer is more than enough, anything more than that just deteriorates the entire make-up.


  • Skipping face powder

Face powder sets your makeup perfectly. It helps you to lock the concealer and even enhances its look in total.


That said, simply avoid the above-mentioned mistakes while applying concealer, and we are  sure you will never end up having a bad makeup day.

5 Mistakes That Might Be Making You Look 10 Years Older

Who doesn’t want to age like a fine wine and get better with age? But in the quest of looking young, we often tend to focus too much on different beauty treatments and makeup ideas that this defeats the whole purpose.

But as they say, knowledge is power! Here are a few mistakes that should be avoided at all costs in order to look young forever:

  • Wearing too much foundation

Yes, the foundation has evolved to be a necessity in a girl’s life. It gives us that even skin tone we all crave for. But, did you know there is something called ‘too much foundation’? Yes, you heard it right. Simply put, excessive foundation settles itself into the wrinkles on the skin and reduces its luminosity. This also hampers the skin’s inherent bright texture.

Thus, it is a better idea to use liquid foundations that have light diffusing capabilities only on patches of discoloration. Using foundations with SPF also proves to be useful.

  • Losing it all to black eyeliner

Have you ever wondered how something as commonplace as black eyeliner could be one of the mistakes making you look older? Let us get to the bottom of this.

The whole point of using black eyeliner is to highlight your eyes because otherwise, they look too open or vacant. However, it also draws attention to the wrinkles surrounding the eyes. Thus, it is highly recommended to opt for colors like brown and dark green to master the art of looking young. Smudging the eyeliner with a Q-tip is also a great idea to make your eyes look good and young!

  • Picking wrong lip color

When you are trying to look young, choosing the right lip color is of the essence. The key here is to make your lips look fuller as you age. The darker the colors you choose, the thinner your lips appear. The trick here is to opt for a lighter and a soothing hue. For instance, choose colors like peach, pink and the likes. A little bit of gloss would do no harm in your quest for looking young and beautiful!

  • Relying too much on concealers for hiding dark circles

Dark circles are a girl’s biggest enemy. But, for how long do you think you can use concealers to hide them? The fact of the matter is concealers highlight the thinner parts of the skin and that is a strict no-no! A highlighter pen with illuminating properties could be your best bet here! Otherwise, concealers are going to draw the wrong kind of attention!

  • Using dark eyebrow pencils

There is no denying that your eyebrows tend to fade color as you age. Thus, we tend to resort to dark eyebrow pencils for best results. But let us break it to you- these dark colors make your eyebrows look very artificial! In fact, the eyebrow pencil from your 20s can make you look really old. Thus, choose a lighter shade to play safe.

These were a few mistakes that we all are guilty of making. What about you? Do share with us in the comments.

Tips To Make Your Beautiful Eyes Look Younger Forever

Beautiful eyes truly make a person beautiful. Eyes are the first thing that makes a person influential. Eyes speak much without words. Taking good care of them and making them shine enhances your overall personality and attitude.

Needless to say, cosmetic market is full of various types of eye makeup products which contain synthetic material in them. Eyes are a sensitive part of the body, therefore taking care of them through natural treatment will provide natural beauty to your eyes.

Tips to prevent your beautiful eyes from losing their shine

  1. Reading in inappropriate light for too long can damage the beauty of eyes. Keeping the book or paper too close to your eyes can make you squint and cause redness. There should be a distance of at least 10 inches between them.
  2. Frequently wearing makeup for too long and lenses can also suck all the natural beauty from your eyes. The delicate skin around your eyes is worn out from wearing heavy makeup. They make it lose the sensitivity of your eyes.

Remedies to keep your eyes look beautiful

  1. To make your eyes look absolutely stunning, the most natural remedy is drinking at least 2 liters of water in a day.
  2. Consume lots of vitamin A and vitamin C through carrots, squash, spinach, papaya, citrus fruits etc. You can choose to take omega 3 supplements after consulting your doctor.
  3. If you find your eyes restless and heavy, here’s a simple method you can use to relax them. Rub the palms of your hands against each other so that they are warm. Keep them over closed years for few minutes. Repeat it a few times and you would know the difference.
  4. Remove the eye makeup properly with makeup remover. Rinse them with water thereafter. Wipe the eyes with a soft towel to dry them.
  5. Here is one more way to make your eyes sparkle. Keep a bowl of hot water and ice cubes ready. First take an ice cube and rub it around your eyes in a circular motion. Then take a cotton ball dipped in hot water and keep it over closed eyes. Repeat the whole process for about 7 to 8 times. You will immediately feel your eyes freshen up.
  6. Prepare a black tea by adding a teaspoon tea leaves to a 1/4th cup of boiling water. Strain the tea and keep it in the fridge. When it is cooled down, dip cotton balls in it and place them over your eyelids. Repeat it for 15 minutes to get the best results.
  7. Take some Indian gooseberry and keep them soaked in a bowl overnight. Strain the water in which they were soaked and wash your eyes with the same. You will find your eyes refreshing and sparkling.

These were some of the effective natural beauty tips for eyes that can enhance the way your eyes look. You will find your eyes more attractive and something to get lost in. Wait no longer!

Defeat Exhaustion With These Simple Quick Steps

Jess: Hey how was your day?

Kate: It was a long tiring day. I am exhausted!


Jess: You look exhausted. How was your weekend?

Kate: Oh it was too tiring! (wincing)


Jess: Hey Kate! Long time, huh? How have you been?

Kate: Don’t ask. Totally exhausting!


And this way it never ends. Seems familiar?

You are also one of those who want to defeat exhaustion. Taking rest and rejuvenating yourself has almost become a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of phenomenon.

From A Beauty Angle

If resting becomes a ‘once in a blue moon’ instance, then life really becomes stressful. Exhaustion not only hampers your health but it also endangers your cosmetic appeal.

Lack of sleep and rest causes dull skin, puffed eyes, pigmentation, dark circles, blood-shot eyes, etc. So it is imperative to defeat exhaustion (from a beauty angle) if you at least want to fake a fresh look.

Few Tricks To Defeat Exhaustion

  • Do something to conceal those dark patches around your eyes

If you do not want to sport that raccoon look with your dark circles, then use a mix of concealers to hide those dark patches around your eyes.

For long term benefits, you can use retinol creams which boost the collagen production and make your skin appear opaque. You can include eye serums in your daily beauty routine to get better results and refreshing eyes.

  • Work on that dull skin to get it look replenished

A good shower with peppermint soap- gel is extremely helpful to defeat exhaustion. To get rid of that dull skin, you can always wash your face with ice water or even rub ice cubes all over the face. This kick starts the blood circulation and makes your face-skin firmer, brighter and replenished.

  • Cleansing-toning-moisturizing

Focus more on the skin-care regimen as that is the only way to escape carrying that exhausted look all over. Cleanse your face and body with aromatic, mint-based gels.

Exfoliation is extremely important to wake up the new cells by kicking out the dead ones. Exfoliating your skin also kicks out exhaustion but it should be done twice or thrice in a week.

Moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated all the time with hydrating serums, soothing moisturizing gels, etc. Moisturize the drier parts of the skin most importantly otherwise they will end up making you look exhausted.

  • Use make-up products to conceal the exhaustion over your face

Always use a primer so that it acts as a sheet for the make-up to not affect the skin. Concealers and foundations help to make a proper canvas for further make-up.

Do not give the bronzer a miss as the bronzer makes your face look tanned which tricks everyone to feel that you have been vacationing. So no chance of appearing exhausted. Since eyes are more prone to look exhausted, you need to highlight your lips so that others notice that instead of the eyes.

  • Habits that can give you a fresh look

Get rid of that exhausted look by drinking enough water. Avoid the intake of caffeine and do yoga every day. Yoga replenishes your look and leaves no signs of exhaustion in you.

The cruel cycle of exhaustion is clinging on to you. The fast paced life of a neoteric is afflicted with the epidemic of exhaustion which has continued to deprive us of rest.

So now you know how to defeat the exhaustion and look fresh as a flower. Anytime and every time!

Things Celebrities Do to Look Beautiful

Have you ever wondered how come the celebrities always manage to steal the show? In fact, surely there have been times when you feel jealous of their impeccable beauty.

They always look stunning and radiant. With all the glittering and sparkling, no wonder they are acclaimed to be stars.

You often end up blaming God to have bestowed all the beauty to these celebrities and depriving us of it. But we fail to realize this fact that it’s all a matter of different lifestyles.

What do celebrities do to look good?

The flawless beauty that celebrities carry everywhere needs proper maintenance and investments. Read further to find some secrets.

How do they keep their skin glowing?

The celebrities stick to exfoliation as their supreme weapon to keep their skin glow intact throughout. Since exfoliation removes the dull, dead skin cells and prepares the base for the creams and serums to seep into the deep layers, celebrities go for Microdermabrasion treatments. This treatment involves polishing of the face-skin with tiny crystals.

Rachel Weisz and Sienna Miller’s dermatologist Dr. Colbert spills the beans by saying that he does the Triad Treatment for those celebrities before any major event for their skin to glow. The triad treatment includes microdermabrasion followed by laser toning and fruit acid process. Actresses also go for facial peels after any heavy make-up.

How do they prevent skin damage?

Anybody’s skin is prone to damage when exposed to harmful environmental conditions. Agents of skin damage do not inquire whether it’s a celebrity’s skin or ordinary person’s skin before causing any damage to it.

The skin of famous personalities, actors and actresses is more likely to get damaged due to prolonged hours of heavy make-up, sun exposure, pollution, etc. Dr. Evans has treated many of his celebrity patients with his formula of fusing anti-oxidants like vitamin A, C & E with certain skin creams. When this formula is applied by the celebrities, they prevent their skin to get damaged further.

How do they deal with acne?

Celebrities cannot wait for weeks to cure acne problems due to their busy schedule. Hence, using creams and acne solutions cannot be their way out. They turn to skin experts for instant solutions so that they are always ready to face the cameras and the paparazzi.

Dr. Boris Zaks, who is known for treating Beverly Hills, introduced a photodynamic therapy which involves the application of amino acid medication on the pimples and throw blue light on the areas where the medication is applied, to activate and start the process of treatment.

It is very evident that celebrities make a lot of efforts to look good and maintain it. It also requires a hefty investment to continue to look ravishing at all time.  It is really amazing to get knowledge of how these celebrities are always at their best. In a nutshell, celebrities really go a long way to look the way they are.

Skincare Routine You Need To Follow If You Are in 40s

Does it seem like those fine lines and wrinkles at the corner of the eye have pledged to become your constant companion?

The women in the phase of 40s would agree to it. Generally, women start freaking out about their skincare plans when they land in the 30s phase. By the time they surpass the threshold of their 40s, the skincare routine needs to get refurbished all over again.

Daily Skincare

  • Use a mild cleanser

It is the time you switch to cleansers that are comparatively milder than the ones you used earlier. These cleansers help to wash your face clean without ripping off the natural moisture of the skin. It is very important to retain the skin’s natural oils in order to avoid aging.

Dermatologists recommend using cleansers that contain natural extracts of aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, etc. which slow down the process of aging of the skin. You should also resort soap bars and gels that are non-acidic.

  • Use moisturizers with silicone and more antioxidants

You should start using moisturizers that have silicone in them which even out the creases on your face and also act as a base for foundations by sealing the moisture balance. A dermatologist named Heidi Waldorf asserted that “one of the best things ever added to cosmetics and creams” for aging skin is silicone.

Skin experts recommend creams and moisturizers rich in antioxidants as they nullify the molecules of sun exposure and pollution that cause the skin to get damaged and aged.

  • Use multitasking serum

You need to use multitasking serums that work on various aspects. These serums protect the skin from harmful sun damage by neutralizing free radicals and ferulic acid.

Tina Alster, being a 47-year-old skin expert, says that she uses these serums for anti-aging purposes and blotchiness along with reverse photoaging.

  • Start taking beauty-boosting supplements

You can start taking beauty-boosting supplements like Omega 3 supplements which are a hit with the women in 40s. Those supplements are highly favored as they help in repairing by defending the cell damage and work on the immune system.

Extra Skincare Treatments

  • Botox

Botox is a special treatment for the women of 40s to swipe away the fine lines for quite a long period of time. Although it is not a permanent solution, it works for a very long time.

The process involves injecting some chemicals on the overlying skin which results in a firmer and younger-looking skin. It is a warning for those who have needle phobias or cannot withstand the pinching pain. Botox is definitely not for those set of women.

  • Super Exfoliators

Super exfoliators can be the home-made peels or the chemical ones too. The exfoliation is done within a week or two and depending on the skin type, women can use it even twice in a month.

The exfoliators prevent the aging of the skin by giving a polished, even skin tone with the adequate moistness.

Skincare routines need to be revamped at every new phase of age you step in. Getting old is something not in our control but maintaining ourselves and our beauty is quite possible.

All you need to do is put in a little bit of extra efforts.