A Men’s Guide To Wrist Watches: Which Is The Right Pick?

Supposedly, you are in a business meeting or maybe in an interview.
You are confident, well-prepared and wonderfully dressed.
Just before it was going to start, someone asks the time by your watch, and there it is.
A sports watch with a rubber band.


This is how a watch can make or break your look.
Yes, okay, the above scenario might be a bit exaggerated, but we’re sure, you must have understood what we are trying to convey.

When it comes to watches, there is an array of them out there, the only limitation being taste and budget. But, choosing a right watch for your outfit is an art.
A perfect watch should not stand out and catch all the eyes, but rather should just compliment your outfit and be a mere extension of it.

So, how do you select the right watch?

Let’s find out.

  • Just one watch or a range of them?

The first step in order to match your watch with your outfit is to determine your interest level in watches. Do you want just one watch or a range of them?

If you are not too much passionate about watches, and would just like to have one, you should buy a watch which is stylistically neutral – one which will go with almost all your outfits. It can be a simple watch with a plain metal band and a face.

If a leather watch interests you, make sure that you pair it right. A black leather watch will look best with black leather shoes and vice versa.

If you love to have multiple watches, you can explore and experiment a bit around. You can buy a sleek watch for formal meetings, sports watch for a casual look and so on.


  • Choose between leather strap and a metal band

Metal bands are more neutral but should go with all the jewelry that you wear. As a matter of fact, men don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so you only need to match it with your belt’s buckle and cufflinks. Thus, pair a silver metal band with silver belt buckle and the likes.

If you are going for a leather watch, it should perfectly match with your shoes and belt.

Thus, choose the one which suits your wardrobe and style.


  • Watch dial

The dial of your watch also dictates the style of your watch to an extent. Does it have Roman numeral indices or  numbers?
Roman numerals or stick are found in most of the watches and look formal. On the other hand, the presence of numbers makes it look a bit casual.

Further, more the functionalities and complexities in a watch, the more casual it is.


So, Which Watch Is The Right Pick?

The answer to this question is dependent on your taste and budget to an extent. However, to play safe, here are a few pointers which should cover you up:

  • It is easier to match watches with a metal band than with a leather strap. But, then watches with leather strap look more formal and dressier.
  • The colors of your strap and metal band should match with your outfit. As a rule of thumb, colors of all metals in your outfit should match, (and correspondingly, colors of all leather items in your outfit should match as well).
  • The busier and colorful the dial is, the more casual it is.
  • If you are wearing formal shoes, go with a formal looking watch and if you are flaunting sneakers and casual shoes, go for a casual watch.
  • A simple dial with roman or stick indices and a simple leather or metal band stripe would make your watch formal.
  • A watch with a rubber strap and digital interface is a sports watch and should be paired accordingly.

Spring Fashion Trends You Need To Stick To This Year

Spring calls out for a lot of fun. Ideally, it is the best season of the year wherein you can explore the real fashionista in you, and try out a range of hues, experiment with a range of styles and look your best.

In this article, let’s talk about five spring fashion trends that would refresh your style game!

  • You cannot go wrong with dark denim

A pair of dark denim is what you need to stand out this spring. Spring has so far become synonymous to lighter shades of denim and this is the right time to break this stereotype and look different this spring.

Grab a pair of dark denim and couple it with striped and floral tops, and you are all set to make the heads turn!

  • Embrace the beauty of patterns

Its spring and it makes sense to display floral patterns, plaids, polka dot, stripes, checks and a lot more. Probably, spring cannot be complete without showcasing these classy looks, and this is perhaps why this style remains one of the hottest, year after year!

  • Fringe

We are completely in love with the fringes, and this is not going to end anytime soon. From flaunting fringed hem on jeans to a fringes accent on a handbag, fringes are our all-time favorite.

How about flaunting fringes this spring season too? Sounds like a plan, no?

  • Say hello to the trench coat

No matter its color, whether it be khaki, tan, camel, black or pastel, the trench coat is one amazing accessory which we cannot go over with. This is perhaps why the trench coat still; remains a popular accessory among fashion bloggers and is a key component to many designers’ collections.

Simply throw it up over your floral dress, or flaunt it on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, a trench coat will always provide you with a well-polished look.

  • Lavender is the new love

Shades of pink and red are already mainstream, and lavender is what is capturing everyone’s attention. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you will get what we mean.

Lavender is the unofficial color of the season. Whether it be a blouse, handbag or a dress, you perhaps cannot go wrong with lavender.

However, if you are not a big fan of pastel colors, how about going bright with red? The choice is yours.

Your Turn

The best part of spring is that you can experiment and play with it, and flaunt a range of colors and fabrics without any second thoughts.

So how are you going to style yourself this spring? Sound off in the comments below!

Lazy-Girl Ways to Make Your Sweatpants and Tees Fashion

Ahh, waking up early in the morning is no less an unachievable feat.

You have already snoozed your alarm clock five times now. It’s already 7 am, and you have no idea how you are going to attend your class at 7.30am. Oh, you want to have breakfast too. And, definitely, do not have any time to get dressed.

Well, the struggle is real. So, you just decide to go with sweatpants and tees. However, you do not like to look boring. Do you? We have got your back! If you don’t have enough time to find something else or spend more time in dressing up, here are some amazing ways through which you can convert your classic lazy-girl staples into something that is not only trendy but comfortable too.

  • Look stylish with a crop top
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How about pairing a crop top with your black jogger? This relaxed look is a perfect go-to option to a class or library study session. You can further amp up your look by going with a more vibrant color-block style, similar to what this blogger has done, and we’re sure you will rock!

A jean jacket is one adorable product which can help you upgrade or downgrade your look on the go. If you are in a fix, laundry is not done, and you don’t have many options to explore, simply layer yourself with a light-washed jean jacket with your sweatpants and a quoted tee.

Rest assured, this would save your day and you won’t definitely look as if you just rolled out from the bed.

  • Boho chic, no matter what
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Stick with the people who pull the magic out of you! Always remember to be around the ones that gives you positive vibes ✌🏼 I’m been dying to share this pictures from the amazing photographer @candicecaballero what can I say… I’m just amazed of how simple gorgeous her photos are. Sometimes the place has to be simple to see the beauty of the outfit and the model… she did such a beautiful job! Bella Mae is wearing one of my favorites! The Good Vibes tee and my new fall Folklore skirts! Thank you very much to her and her mama for these stunning pictures … is like a dream ! Good Vibes for all✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼♥️ • • • • • • • #bohotee #bohemianlifestyle #love #shopsmall #bohemian #earthtones #clickinmoms #folklife #ootd #bohoskirt #rooster #littlelady #hippielife #childhood #candidchildhood #littleandbrave #bohogirl #springdress #earth #peaceandlove #springrelease #handmadewithlove #hippielifestyle #artclothing #freebird #hippiesoul #hippielife #hippie #bohemianstyles

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Boho skirts are so vibrant and dynamic that they can make you look dressy just instantly, obviously, depending on how you style them. If you have to sit for hours in a lecture, just pair them with a t-shirt and you are good to go.

Essentially, if you want to make a bit of statement, we will recommend you to pair them with basic t-shirts, in the shades of white.

They are not only super comfy but you can also jazz them a bit by adding statement jewelry pieces, a hat and a pair of funky slippers.

  • Bodycon skirts, without a doubt

The best part of bodycon skirts is that they can be paired with almost any top. Even if you pair them with a t-shirt, they can still transform your entire look instantly, without making you look dressy or under-dressed at the same time.

These styles do not cost you a bomb, are pretty easy to follow, and you will agree with us that they can make you look stylish – just in a few minutes.

Try these, experiment a little, and you’re done. You will no longer need to compromise with your style, going forward!

Learn the Art of Layering this Winter

You don’t always have to make bold choices to learn the art of layering. And, neither do you need to go on exclusive winter trips to layer your clothes. You can do that anytime to exhibit your style, personality and to look trendy.

However, in addition to making you look stylish, layering also helps you in two other ways:

  • It keeps your warm and cozy when you are out in the chilly weather, and also allows you to take off the extra layers when you enter a warm building.
  • It makes your clothing more versatile and helps you save money by allowing you to flaunt your same pieces in different style.

Here is how you can master the art of layering:

First layer

The whole game begins right from the first layer. Your first layer should be well-fitted and body-hugging. This would protect your body from the chills, and will also ensure that you do not look fatty as you add more layers.

Ideally, we will recommend you to wear a piece with turtlenecks or collars to keep yourself warm. If it is too cold, you might also like to wear a set of thermals underneath.


The mid-layer is what is going to play an important look, and will start to define your look. In this layer, you can go with pieces like sweaters, vests, crop tops, blazers, and cardigans. Since this layer will be more visible when compared to the first layer, it is essential that this one is neatly ironed, and has proper texture, color, and pattern.

Additionally, it should fit you well and be comfortable to wear.

Outer layer

Finally, conclude your look by adding an outer layer which can be a poncho, shawl, jacket, trench or a vest. This layer is what will look the most, and so, it is essential that it looks neat and perfectly wrapped. The length of your final layer is also of much importance here. You can choose to go longer with this layer, however, for a trendier look, you can also throw a crop hacker at the top.

To play the cards right, it is essential that you pay enough attention to proportions and keep the balance intact. If you are planning to add a lot of layers, we will highly recommend you to have a slim and sleek bottom. However, if you plan to go with baggy jeans, it is essential that you keep your top tailored and with proper fitting.


Once you are done with the layers, you can finalize your entire look with the help of proper accessories, like a handbag, a statement neck piece, a hat or a scarf.

All you need to do is use your creativity and experiment a bit here and there. Play with the textures, mix different patterns, go colorblock, oh! The opportunities are limitless!

7 Simple Tips for Dressing Stylish this Winter

If you are not a pant-girl, you would surely understand the feeling of missing out on cute and breezy dresses. But what are you supposed to do when its cold outside and a dress would not just help it?

Letting your poor knees shiver in the freezing cold is being too harsh for them. Okay, lets not talk about frost bites.

So should you let your style struggle due to cold? Definitely not! Here are bloggers-approved simple tips for dressing this winter.

  • We’re in love with long-sleeve turtlenecks

You will agree with us that turtlenecks are both classy and chic at the same time. So, how about pairing them with a shift dress? This will not only make you look stylish but would also keep you warm in the cold weather.

For a more happening look, pair it with crisp accessories like booties and a bag!

  • Under the sweater

Do not put your favourite slip dresses to hibernation during winter, and wait for the summer to be able to wear them again. Instead, simply, layer an oversized swearer on top and pair the entire assemble with boots.

  • Pair a midi sweater dress with a long coat

Who doesn’t love midi sweater dress? We all do. One of their best parts is that they keep your warm, protected and cozy while keeping you wrapped up from top to bottom.  

  • Match your hat to your coat

If you have always felt awkward in wearing hat, here is a tip for you: match your beanie to your coat. Believe us, it will look like a perfect ensemble.

Winter hats are an indispensable accessory. You often need them to protect your ears from chilly winds outside. Thankfully, you can now protect yourself while also looking stylish and chic at the same time with this simple trick.

  • When in doubt

If you are in doubt, and not sure how to style yourself – here are our two cents – go with black, white and camel without any second thought. Layer yourself with these colors, and we assure you, you will definitely look stylish. The only thing you need to take care of is that your whites should be true white and blacks should be black.

  • Over the knee boots to the rescue

If you want to feel warm and stylish, all at the same time, there could be no better way to do that than to wear knee length boots. Wear a dress that is just above the top of the boot and layer it with a coat or jacket that is of similar length.

You’re ready to rock!

  • With faux fur accents

There is probably nothing that could make you feel more wintery and cozy than faux fur. Pair your fur vest with your favorite dress. Complete your look with tights and boots, and you are good to sip your hot cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Thank us later!

Beauty tips from around the world that Americans have not heard of yet!

Lets take a peek around the globe!

Somalia: Embrace multitasking beauty

There are only so many hours in a day, so women in Somalia have found a way to squeeze in their beauty rituals.

They wear face masks and hair treatments around the house as they cook, tend the kids and do other chores. The typical face mask is a homemade concoction that blends the spices turmeric and basil with water.
In their hair, they apply henna for natural color.

Japan: Slap yourself silly

You don’t need to handle your skin with kid gloves.
In Japan, women apply moisturizers, serums, and more with vigor.

They slap on facial products to stimulate circulation and to avoid tugging on skin with rubbing motions. In fact, American beauty mogul Elizabeth Arden followed this technique, using spoon-like utensils to slap product onto the skin.

Scandinavia: Saunas are your friend

Heating things up in a sauna is the secret beauty weapon of women in Scandinavian countries.

They believe the treatment helps detoxify the body of impurities and view it as part of an overall healthy lifestyle that promotes natural beauty.
Plus, it’s a nice warm escape from the chilly climate.

Australia: Want beach wave hair? 

They don’t bother with processed sea salt.

Aussie women typically don’t waste money on store-bought products for tousled, beachy waves.

Instead, they commonly collect sea water when they’re at the beach and pour it into a spray bottle to style their hair at home. Judging by the effortless, natural look that sheilas are known for, we’d say this tactic is working.

Argentina: Take waxing into your own hands

If you find yourself going too long between waxes because of the hassle (and cost) of professional waxing, do as the Argentines do.

Wax it yourself. Because maintaining a mostly hairless body is a major beauty goal in this South American country, women often use at-home waxing for weekly hair removal.

Iceland: Invest in the best anti-aging products

Picking up whatever eye cream is on sale at the drug store doesn’t cut it for the women in Iceland.

They carefully choose their anti-aging products and aren’t afraid to spend a pretty penny on highly concentrated plant extracts created through advanced technology.

France: A regular trim is better than any styling product

Although many American women seek long, flowing locks, women in France typically prefer a short- or medium-length cut that grazes the shoulders.

They like to wear it styled in a perfectly messy way, and this requires hair to be healthy and shiny so it doesn’t look too disheveled.
So they schedule regular haircuts to keep their tresses in good shape, which helps them achieve their desired look without the necessity of excess styling products.

Korea: Facials are a necessity — not a luxury

You might treat yourself to a facial for a bit of pampering now and then, but women in Korea — where pristine skin is the ultimate beauty goal — view the treatment as a vital part of their skin care regimen.

Reportedly, female residents spend a large portion of their disposable income on getting facials, typically every other week.

Always got makeup on your clothes? You need to know this!

Getting makeup on your clothes, for most of us, in an inevitable part of life.

Even if you go makeup free for the day, your best pal giving you a hug can result in foundation marks all over your crisp white shirt.

But fret not, as there is a way to remove stubborn makeup stains from your favourite clothes.
Here’s what you need to know:

Foundation is often oil based and designed to be long lasting, hence why it can be hard to remove from fabric fibre once it rubs off your face onto your shirt collar.

Seeing as makeup is created with pigments and oils designed to be long lasting on the skin, they’re often hard to budge from clothes, too.

It’s important to treat the stain as fast as you can to avoid it settling in and use a detergent that targets greasy stains.

Nonetheless, there should be a way to get your gowns good as new.

For foundation, mascara, lipstick, sunscreen or eyeshadow, pre-treat with a powerful detergent such as and pour enough directly onto the stain, to cover it.
Spread it over the stain with the pre-treat cap.

Then dose with a detergent that specifically target tough greasy stains, but also enhance your whites to leave them bright and pristine, and set your wash on the warmest temperature allowed as per the garment’s care label.

With any item, you should always check the label before you put it in the wash.
So when you get lipstick on your velvet dress, ensure you check it out before just throwing it in.

If your new velvet jacket says dry clean only, it’s probably pure velvet, made from cotton or silk, so don’t clean it yourself just to be safe!
Some velvets are safe to wash however, such as crushed velvet and polyester blend velvets made from an easy-care fabric.
It’s important to always check washing instructions on delicate items.

Depending on the label instructions, it can be preferable to wash velvets on a cooler temperature, to avoid shrinkage or affecting the shape or delicate fibres.

Turn the item inside out to avoid fibre abrasion and try a detergent that removes greasy cosmetic stains, but on a cool wash, to keep your fabrics intact.

There’s also the hairspray method!

Grab any hairspray you can find and spray it onto the stain – it doesn’t even matter if it’s a fresh stain or not. Let the product settle for about 5 minutes before taking a wet tissue to wipe away the product. The hairspray will dissolve the chemicals of the lipstick, and get rid of the bulk of it.

After that, run the fabric under cold water before ending it off with a rinse of warm water. This removes any remaining product and pigment on the fabric!

Using makeup wipes for powder products!

By powder pigment, we’re talking about your eyeshadows, your blushers, and your bronzing powders. Using makeup wipes to remove these powder-based makeup stains is a trick that has long been used backstage at major fashion shows. It’s so simple and requires very little of your time.

First, remove any excess powder pigments from the fabric by gently sweeping it away. After that, take a piece of makeup wipe and gently dab it onto the stained area. If the stain persists, take a cotton ball and use a makeup remover solution and repeat the same steps. To end it off, run the fabric under cold water to completely remove remaining pigments.

You can use makeup remover liquid too.

Shaving cream works?

Shaving cream is another product known to remove the toughest of stains! First, apply shaving cream onto stained area.

Let the product soak for about 10 minutes before applying dabbing motions to the area. You might want to use a bit of strength to see effective results.

Inspiring Beauty Trends Of Winter

While the holiday season is nearly over, there’s still a whole lot of winter left to go. (The first day of spring isn’t until March 20, y’all.) If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to revamp your closet and makeup routine, allow the beauty trends of winter to inspire your next shopping trip.

Even if you do not spend a lot of time on Pinterest, you have to admit that it is a great destination for discovering new ideas and getting some answers, whether it’s a unique way to hang your frames on a wall or an easy tutorial for how to contour your face correctly. If you have a question you’ve been thinking about or are in need of a bright idea, there’s likely at least one pinned photo or chart out there for you and your needs.

While there are millions of different pins on Pinterest, there are some trends that have been popping up more than others this winter season. According to the Pinterest team, staying warm and cozy (and stylish) is a top priority for its users, with items like shearling jackets, turtleneck sweaters, and velvet dresses being pinned to more and more boards. On the beauty side, battling dry winter skin and keeping hydrated appears to be a top priority — face oils and cream beauty products (versus powders) are finding popularity on the app.

Here is the full list of what’s trending for winter 2017/2018. If you haven’t already pinned these, prepare to make room on those inspiration boards.

The Top Trending Fashion Pins

  • 1. Trench Coat
    Atlas Cocoon Coat, $298, Madewell

Some items never go out of style, standing the test of time. Case in point: the trench coat. It’s a staple every fall and winter for a reason — it’s classic, keeps you warm, and goes with whatever you’re wearing. The top trending coat on Pinterest is the Burberry ‘Kensington’ trench coat with over 207,000 saves, but if you don’t want to spend $1,795 on a jacket, consider this more affordable option from Madewell.

  • 2. Ankle Boots
    ASOS Absolute Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots, $60, ASOS

Another tried and true winter staple? Ankle boots. Pinterest’s top trending boot is the ASOS Absolute Suede Chelsea Ankle Boots, which was saved over 194,000 times by its users.

  • 3. Corduroy Pants
    Black Corduroy Culotte, $125, loup

Bet you didn’t see this one coming. Your favorite childhood corduroy pants are back, but with a modern twist. Rock these black cropped wide leg corduroy pants from NY-based loup with boots or heels. The style is up 889 percent this season on Pinterest.

  • 4. Mock Turtlenecks
    Mollie Mock Neck Cozy Tee, $55, B Collection by Bobeau

If you love the look of a turtleneck, but hate how suffocating it can feel, consider adding a mock alternative to your closet this season. The mock turtleneck’s saves are up 193 percent this year, so you definitely won’t be alone in your look.

  • 5. Mustard Velvet Dresses
    Club L Plus Tie Front Wrap Detail Maxi Dress, $28, ASOS

The velvet dress trend is still super hot for winter, but interestingly enough, mustard yellow velvet dresses were trending, with 526 percent saves up from last season.

  • 6. Maxi Cardigans
    Charcoal Organic Cotton Sweater Robe, $85, BackBeatRags

If you loved the robe and kimono trend of the summer, get yourself its warmer winter sister: the maxi cardigan, like this super soft option from LA’s BackBeatRags, which is fleece-backed and made from organic cotton. Pinterest users are pinning maxi cardigans like crazy, with saves up 406 percent this season.

  • 7. Shearling Collars
    Shearling Jacket, $178, Reformation

Who doesn’t love a good shearling collar to keep you warm from the freezing temperatures? Saves for shearling collar jackets are up 181 percent from last year. Grab this adorable shearling-lined denim jacket from Reformation and wear it well into spring.

  • 8. Knotted Headbands
    ASOS Geo Print Knot Headband, $9, ASOS

Add some pizzazz to your ‘do with knotted headbands, a festive, warm, and fun way to spruce up your look (while also hiding dirty hair). This trend is up 207 percent this season on Pinterest.
The Top Trending Beauty Pins

  • 1. Cream Blush
    Cloud Paint, $18, Glossier

It’s hard to say for certain, but Glossier’s Cloud Paint definitely had something to do with the fact that cream blush saves are up 196 percent this season. And why not? It’s a great hydrating alternative if your skin is feeling dry.

  • 2. Red and Pink Lip Shades
    L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints in Spicy Blush, $10, ULTA

Pinterest found that L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lip Paints in Spicy Blush was saved 157,000 times leading up to the holiday season, confirming that pink lips are a huge hit for winter. But don’t forget about reds — those continue to be trending on Pinterest, too!

  • 3. Hat Hair
    INC International Concepts Mixed Metallic Beret, $32, Macy’s

From berets to beanies, the winter hat trend is going strong, with saves for “hat hair” up 208 percent.

  • 4. Face Oil
    Thriving Facial Oil Set, $165, Naked + Thriving

Pinners are looking for more ways to hydrate their skin and save it from winter dryness, with pins for face oil up 191 percent. If you’re new to the facial oil world, get started with this complete set from Naked + Thriving to help prevent, rejuvenate, and detox your skin.

  • 5. Hot Rollers
    Conair Instant Heat Compact Hot Rollers, $15, Amazon

If they worked for grandma and mom, why shouldn’t they work for you? Hot roller style pins are up 161 percent this winter, so arm yourself with this cute set from Conair and get those voluminous curls going.


Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Truth be told, applying makeup is nothing less than an art!

It is just a matter of right products and experience that would help you in flaunting larger eyes, fuller lips, a slimmer nose and much more. 

Up for a date, or have an urgent meeting to attend with no time to book an appointment in the beauty salon? Well, we have got your back! Here are a few simple and quick makeup tips that would make you look flawless. Check out.

  • Apply primer

Applying primer right at the beginning of the make-up process sets up a proper base. But make sure that you have applied the moisturizer properly and massaged it all over your face before applying a primer. While choosing a primer, make sure that it has Silica as one of its important ingredients. This is because a Silica-rich primer helps you in hiding fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

  • Choose your foundation wisely

Most of the women all around the world make a huge mistake by choosing the wrong foundation. Mostly they prefer dark or thick foundation. And, apply multi-layers which results in a complete mess.

This should not happen to you. Thus, keep in mind to buy a foundation which is thin in texture. While applying, go in steps, apply one layer with proper rotation of fingers all over the face, then go for the other layer and mix it well. 

  • Find your shade

It is very important to know your skin tone. This helps you to choose the right shade which would flatter your skin. The best way to find a foundation that matches well with your skin tone is to test it on your neck first. If it blends well with the skin color at your neck, it is likely that it will be a perfect fit for your skin too. Also, if you have a dry skin, you should mix moisturizer with the foundation before applying. 

  • Apply properly

Ideally, you should apply small size dots of foundation all over your face. Now, blend it properly by applying the right amount of pressure at each point of the face. Just keep in mind to highlight the jawline, nose and the head region of the face. 

  • Utilize your fingers

The right way to apply the foundation is to blend it in an outward direction. Fingers play a very important role in doing so. Move your fingers in a circular motion with even pressure at all points. You may use a massager or make-up blender to mix it evenly all over the face.

  • Absorb extra foundation using sponge

Mistakes may happen while applying makeup. However, fret not! If by chance you find that there is some extra foundation left even after mixing, you may use a sponge to wipe it off. Choose a soft make-up removing sponge for this purpose. One wipe and you are sorted. 

These were a few smart makeup tricks. Try them, and we’re sure, you will ace them like a pro!

The Nail Polish Colors You Shouldn’t Wear To an Interview

Did you ever notice how vital role our hands play in our communication process? From helping us by describing things to conveying our messages, we use our hands in a lot of ways while communicating.

We all use our hands while answering questions and even while expressing our opinions. This is perhaps why it is very important to pay proper attention to them while going for an interview. You for sure won’t like to flaunt your chipped nail polish or an out-of-the-box color that reflects a totally different personality of yours.

It may not look quite obvious but your nail polish color actually speaks a lot about your personality. There is no one fit standard nail polish color which would suit all the events. For example, a nail polish color that would be a perfect pick for a fashion job would be entirely different for a corporate job and so on.

So, before you head on to your job interview, read on and find the best nail polish color for every job type.

  1. Creative

When you are applying for a creative job position, you are in luck. Almost every color is suitable for such a job profile.

  1. Corporate

Since you are applying for a formal job role, anything which looks professional will work the best for you. Your ideal picks here should be dark colors like dark grey, plum forest or neutral hues like nude, dusty pink and others.

  1. Business casual

Although you might be applying for a casual job role, still you are expected to maintain decorum and professionalism. And thus, colors like electric blue and popping pinks are a big no.

  1. Healthcare

Going by the NHS guidelines, your fingernails should be short without any varnish. However, if at all, you need to apply nail polish, it is highly recommended to go for neutral colors which are not loud and vibrant.

  1. Never

Let’s admit; certain nail colors should never be worn during an interview, no matter, what job profile you have applied for. Some of such shades include neons, sparkles, nail arts and anything that looks more appropriate for parties and clubs should not be worn to an interview, no matter what.

Final Words…

Still confused? Well, as a rule of thumb, a nail polish shade which makes you feel uncomfortable or makes you cover your hands, is probably a wrong color. It is very easy to gauge if you have dressed right for the interview. Just look at your mirror image and see from your interviewer’s eyes.

However, if your look fits the job role you have applied for, simply, go for it.

What are your views on this? How do you dress when going for an interview? Do share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.