Picking the Best Shampoo for Your Hair Type?

As they say, invest in your hair. It is a crown you never take off!

So, how are you doing with your hair? Are you shampooing them right? Or, like most of us, are you also confused between moisturizing, smoothing, volumizing, curling and straightening shampoos? 

Matching a shampoo with your hair can be quite a troublesome task. But, let us make it easy for you!

But, before we delve deeper, let’s understand the basic difference between a shampoo, soap and a conditioner.

Shampoo vs. Soap vs. Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner belong to the same ballpark. However, applying soap to your hair is a big no-no.

  • Since soap is made up of fatty acids, it is quite difficult to remove from the hair strands. It often sticks to the root of your hair, making it tangled, hard and rough.
  • A shampoo is the best product if you want to wash your hair. A shampoo is like a detergent, easily washable. Also, it removes the excess oil from the scalp.
  • As the name suggests, a conditioner replenishes your hair with necessary minerals and oils, thus helping them recover from everyday damage due to pollution and chemicals.

Now that the basic concept is clear, how should you select the best shampoo?

Selecting the Best Shampoo

Simply put, an ideal shampoo should wash your hair, remove extra oil from the scalp and should keep your hair well-hydrated. Here are a few pointers which you should keep in mind while buying a shampoo:

  • Are your hairs dry or oily?

How well do you know your hair? It is necessary for you to know your hair type. Once you are done, you can move on to choose a particular brand of shampoo.

  • Are your hairs colored?

If you like to color your hair, then it is highly recommended to choose a shampoo that would secure their color. Using a shampoo meant especially for colored hair will make sure that your hair stays colored for a long time.

  • Do you have dry hair?

 If you feel that you have dry hair, then opt for a shampoo that hydrates and strengthens your hair. Such shampoos often make sure that your scalp doesn’t stay dry for too long.  You might choose to go for smooth shampoo with high keratin as they provide great results.

  • Do you have curly hair?

If you have curly hair, choose a shampoo that strengthens your curls. These kinds of shampoo are tailor-made for curly hair. It helps reduce the frizz from the hair and deeply nourishes the scalps.

  • Do you have thin hair?

If you feel that you have thin hair, then opt for volumizing shampoos. They help add the extra weight to your hair, making them look bouncy. Thin hair usually means weak scalps. Volumizing shampoos make your hair stronger and nourish the scalp.

  • Don’t change your shampoo often

Yes, do not change your shampoo frequently.
Once you have found a good shampoo, then stick to it without experimenting too much. 

Hair Breakage: Common Causes and How to Fix Them?

Raise your hand if you are suffering from hair breakage. Well, you’re not alone! Does that make you feel better? For sure, it does.

Even though hair breakage sucks, the good news is that it is not permanent. You can always follow a few tips and tricks and stop it right away.

Let’s see how.

  • Lack of moisture

Needless to say, dry hairs are more prone to breakage. Thus, make sure that you are taking care of your strands pretty well and are giving them all the attention that they deserve.

An ideal hair routine consists of a right shampoo and conditioner such that your hair stays properly hydrated.

Further, make sure that you stay away from hard water which might contain heavy metals and chlorine and might be harmful to your hair.

  • Too many heat treatments

It is a no-brainer that heat treatments make your hair dry, weak and thus make them prone to frequent hair breakage. In addition to staying away from heat treatments, also make sure that you are using heat protection every time you style your hair.

Trust us; do not heat-style your hair every other day and you will surely end up saving a lot of strands from breakage.

  • Frying your hair

Blow drying water dripping wet hair can be disastrous to your hair. It is best if you let your hair air dry before blow drying them. Further, make sure that you are not stretching your hair strands too much while blow drying as it is not good for your hair.

An ideal hair drier is one which dries your hair so quickly that there is no time left to overheat your hair.

  • Chemical exposure

Colored hair might look cool, but at the end, they promote hair breakage. Same is the case with hair straightening. If you love hair straightening, make a healthy transition and switch to keratin treatment which adds a smooth coating on each strand without overcooking it.

  • Sleeping on cotton pillow cover

This might sound a bit weird at first, but sleeping on cotton pillow cover triggers hair breakage. This is because of the friction that is created between the fabric and your hair.

Thus, it is highly recommended to invest in a silk or satin pillow cover for healthy hair.

  • Towel drying

Yes, towel drying is not good as it tangles your hair all the more. It is highly recommended to ditch towel drying and instead use an old t-shirt or a paper towel to dry your hair, which are good water absorbents and are also easy on your hair.

  • Over washing

If you shampoo your hair every day, this is where you are going wrong. Excessive shampooing your hair trips off the natural oils from your hair and leave them dry.

Thus, make it a point to shampoo maximum 3 times a week. However, oily hair might need more frequent washing, but in such case, make sure that you use a mild shampoo.