6 Fashion Tips For Really Cold Weather

Now that winter is around the corner, it’s time to take out our winters clothes from their hibernation state and start using them again. It’s time to start remembering all the winter clothes that you have and the new ones you bought last season. They are never enough though!

No matter, how many jackets, shawls, hoodies we buy every year, we always seem to lack something when it comes to dressing for an early winter morning! To save yourself from this trouble, here are some of the fashion tips you can follow that can help you dress up quick for really cold weather.

1.  Layering is a key

Wear everything you have, one over another to ward off that cold weather. This may sound silly but it is feasible to save yourself from the bitter cold. Layering is an art that you should become a pro in. A single winter cloth is never warm enough to keep coldness at bay. To keep yourself tucked in safely and away from the biting cold, start layering. 

Start with a turtle neck sweater, above it goes a jacket and a woolen stall and finally, layer with an overcoat. Similarly, you can wear thick woolen tight pants or sheet stockings below your skirt or jeans. Also, you can choose to wear a warm fitting sweater below your T-shirt to balance cold and fashion together.

2. Good boots save your day

Good boots take you to good places! Ankle length boots or over-the-knee boots – both are known for stealing the show anytime, anywhere. Pairing over the knee boots with a short skater skirt will not only make you look chic but comfortable and warm too. Use your ankle boots with cuffed jeans or a dress to be fashionable as well as warm at the same time. Don’t throw off your winter boots just because it’s just too cold and snowing outside.

3. Use belts overcoats 

Using belt over your coats will not only make your loose fitted, lifeless coat get some life but it will also turn your look trendy and afresh. Belts make the coats fit perfectly without letting them dangle lifelessly over your body. Investing in a good broad belt to provide a new look to your old coats is the best choice you can make this winter.

4. Having fur attire is essential

Winter is the only favorable season that lets you be extra cute. Do not miss a chance to wear fur or faux fur coats and feel over the moon. Faux fur coats not only protect you from extreme cold weather, but they are also comfortable to your skin and add to your demeanor well. Be it fur coats, fur mittens or stalls; lose no chance to show off your cuteness this winter season.

5. Scarves are savior

You can never underestimate the number of ways the scarves can be worn in. You can simply be creative by wearing your scarf creatively and flaunt a confident and comfortable look. Scarves around your neck, shoulders or even over your head provide much-needed warmth and provide an extra layer to your winter attire too. 

So, in all coats, scarves, boots, and overcoats – that’s what your winter wardrobe needs to get revamped this winter season!

DIY Hair Spa That We Can All Try At Home

After several tiring days that leave you exhausted and your hair dull and undernourished, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is a hair spa. That will definitely help you relax and feel good.

However, going to a salon might not always be the best option. But do not worry because there are a few DIY hair spa treatments that you can do at home to get back your strong and healthy hair!

Hair Spa Treatment with Bananas

  • Mash one ripe banana in a blender and add two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • Keep the mixture aside as you prepare to steam your hair.
  • For steaming, take a large pot of hot water and lean over it. Cover your hair with a towel and let the steam settle for ten minutes.
  • Gently massage the banana and olive oil mixture onto your hair and let it sit for about half an hour.
  • Wash it off with cold water and use shampoo.

Try this hair spa twice a week to have healthy and smooth hair. Bananas contain potassium, vitamins and natural oils that make hair stronger and reduces split ends.

Hair Spa Treatment with Avocados

  • Take out the flesh of ripe avocado and mash it well to make a paste that is free of lumps.
  • Massage this paste onto your hair, and make sure that you massage from the roots to the tips.
  • Now, steam your hair for ten minutes by leaning over a pot of hot water and covering your head with a towel to allow the steam to settle in your hair.
  • Wait for another twenty minutes before washing your hair with lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo.

Avocados are a rich source of fatty oils and this mask when applied once a week, nourishes dry and damaged hair.

Hair Spa Treatment with Eggs and Coconut Oil

  • Whisk one whole egg with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and set the mixture aside.
  • Steam your hair for ten minutes over a large pot of boiling water, covering your head with a towel.
  • Once the steam has settled in your hair, apply the mask all over and let it sit for twenty minutes.
  • Wash your hair using cold water and shampoo.

Coconut oil is an old favorite that nourishes all types of hair. Try this DIY spa once a week and since eggs are rich in proteins, this mask will help your hair grow longer and stronger than before.

Hair Spa Treatment with Honey

  • Wash your hair with warm water.
  • While your hair is still damp, apply a quarter cup of honey all over and leave it for about fifteen minutes.
  • Using cold water, rinse and shampoo your hair.

You will not need to do this treatment too often. It can be done once in every two weeks and honey being an emollient will retain moisture and your hair will not become frizzy.

Learn the Art of Layering this Winter

You don’t always have to make bold choices to learn the art of layering. And, neither do you need to go on exclusive winter trips to layer your clothes. You can do that anytime to exhibit your style, personality and to look trendy.

However, in addition to making you look stylish, layering also helps you in two other ways:

  • It keeps your warm and cozy when you are out in the chilly weather, and also allows you to take off the extra layers when you enter a warm building.
  • It makes your clothing more versatile and helps you save money by allowing you to flaunt your same pieces in different style.

Here is how you can master the art of layering:

First layer

The whole game begins right from the first layer. Your first layer should be well-fitted and body-hugging. This would protect your body from the chills, and will also ensure that you do not look fatty as you add more layers.

Ideally, we will recommend you to wear a piece with turtlenecks or collars to keep yourself warm. If it is too cold, you might also like to wear a set of thermals underneath.


The mid-layer is what is going to play an important look, and will start to define your look. In this layer, you can go with pieces like sweaters, vests, crop tops, blazers, and cardigans. Since this layer will be more visible when compared to the first layer, it is essential that this one is neatly ironed, and has proper texture, color, and pattern.

Additionally, it should fit you well and be comfortable to wear.

Outer layer

Finally, conclude your look by adding an outer layer which can be a poncho, shawl, jacket, trench or a vest. This layer is what will look the most, and so, it is essential that it looks neat and perfectly wrapped. The length of your final layer is also of much importance here. You can choose to go longer with this layer, however, for a trendier look, you can also throw a crop hacker at the top.

To play the cards right, it is essential that you pay enough attention to proportions and keep the balance intact. If you are planning to add a lot of layers, we will highly recommend you to have a slim and sleek bottom. However, if you plan to go with baggy jeans, it is essential that you keep your top tailored and with proper fitting.


Once you are done with the layers, you can finalize your entire look with the help of proper accessories, like a handbag, a statement neck piece, a hat or a scarf.

All you need to do is use your creativity and experiment a bit here and there. Play with the textures, mix different patterns, go colorblock, oh! The opportunities are limitless!

Success Is In Your Attitude

Who doesn’t want to be successful? We all do.

But, it seems, that at the end, it is your attitude which determines your success.

A study conducted at Harvard showed that a person’s attitude is often the deciding factor if they will be successful or not. Your attitude contributes to 85% of your success. So, it is quite necessary that you have the right attitude and the correct mindset.

Like many things in life, attitude is temporary.
It is something that you can always change.

You can always judge if your attitude is a boon or a bane.
If you feel that your attitude isn’t helping you move forward in life, then it is the right time to change it.

Importance of Having a Positive Attitude

Having a positive outlook on life is extremely important.

A woman who has a positive outlook on life is generally liked by everyone.
This outlook is usually attainable if the woman has a positive attitude in life. Like having a positive outlook, there are many benefits of having a positive attitude.

  • It helps you reach your milestones.
  • It helps you become a favorite among co-workers and makes you instantly likable.
  • You start seeing the good in everything.

You would agree that a happy attitude is better than a high IQ.
People who are successful do not always have a highly intelligent quotient, but they have a happy attitude.
This allows them to conquer their fears, be more self-dependent and be more confident.

If we’re to talk about a few very successful people, there are many things that are common among them.

  • They all are confident.
  • They never lost hope
  • They are happy

All these things are achievable in life only if the person has the right frame of mind and the right attitude.

Positive Attitude vs Negative Attitude

Having an unfriendly or a dull attitude would never make you a social person.
People with a dull attitude are seldom successful and usually crib about their problems in life.
And no person likes to stick with a person who always complains about their problems.

Everyone faces at least one problem daily, but the people who are happy and have a positive attitude never whine about their problems.
No matter how big the problems are, a person would never crib about it because they know that crying over something won’t solve it.

Success doesn’t mean being utterly rich or being the most famous.
It means that you’re content. You might be working at a day job and you can be successful at it.
Success just requires the right attitude, not money or fame.

Here are some ways by which you can achieve a happy attitude and be successful.

  •  Be happy.
    A happy mind is always fresh and reduces stress.
  • Stay Motivated.
    Many times, life throws hurdles at you.
    It is best that you stay motivated in those hard times and look for a silver lining and hence not lose hope.
  • Mediate.
    Meditation helps reduce stress and keeps the body and mind rejuvenated.
    It helps you boost the morale and helps you in developing a positive attitude towards life.


Mistakes You Are Making When You Air Dry Your Hair

Hair dryers are our ultimate saviors.

From helping us deal with our bad hair days to drying our hair on the go, there are various instances when having a hair dryer by our side solves a lot of problems.

But did you know that we all are guilty of making certain mistakes while drying our hair? Let’s find out.

  • Forgetting to section your hair

Sectioning the hair is very important while air drying your hair. If you are taking large sections of hair at a time, the hair dryer won’t be able to dry all the hair because of volume. This makes the left out wet hair frizzy.

If you are trying to save your time, take small sections of hair as they dry out quickly. Always follow a bottom to top approach to avoid mixing of wet hair with the dry ones.

  • Using the wrong type of hair brush

It’s all in the bristles and shape of the hairbrush you are using. While air blowing your air, only use round brushes with boar or nylon bristles. Do not use a brush with metal bristles as it heats up quickly and ends up damaging your hair.

  • Forgetting to apply the heat protector before blow drying

Not applying any heat protectant over your hair strands before air drying can also damage your hair. Apply or reapply the serum or thickening spray you are using even when blow drying the hair at your back. They are often left untouched. Work on your hair from mid-shaft to the ends first.

  • Your hair is towel wrapped for too long

Avoid wrapping your hair with a towel to stop the excess water from dripping, use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt instead. Wrap your hair just for a few minutes and then allow your hair to air dry for a while before blow drying them.

  • The air dryer is of poor quality

Among the ionic, ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers, you should choose the hair dryer according to your hair texture. For light hair, a ceramic hair dryer is enough and can provide the needed shine. For more powerful hair drying and for those with curly or coiled hair, ionic hair dryers are an ideal recommendation. They dry hair faster and reduce hair damage.

  • You threw away the concentrate nozzle attachment

Is this even a thing? Yes, it is. That nozzle attached to the front end of the hair dryer actually helps in balancing the heat and prevents the hair from direct heat. It lets the air to concentrate at a place and prevents hair damage. Hold the hair dryer facing downward for a better blowout.

  • Not cleaning your hair dryer

The back end of your hairdryer gets choked with dirt and debris that degrades the performance of your dryer. It will take longer than usual to dry your hair. Therefore, keep cleaning your hair dryer once in a while for a hassle-free experience.

That’s all, girls. Keep these important pointers in mind and flaunt healthy hair on the go.

A Men’s Guide To Wrist Watches: Which Is The Right Pick?

Supposedly, you are in a business meeting or maybe in an interview.
You are confident, well-prepared and wonderfully dressed.
Just before it was going to start, someone asks the time by your watch, and there it is.
A sports watch with a rubber band.


This is how a watch can make or break your look.
Yes, okay, the above scenario might be a bit exaggerated, but we’re sure, you must have understood what we are trying to convey.

When it comes to watches, there is an array of them out there, the only limitation being taste and budget. But, choosing a right watch for your outfit is an art.
A perfect watch should not stand out and catch all the eyes, but rather should just compliment your outfit and be a mere extension of it.

So, how do you select the right watch?

Let’s find out.

  • Just one watch or a range of them?

The first step in order to match your watch with your outfit is to determine your interest level in watches. Do you want just one watch or a range of them?

If you are not too much passionate about watches, and would just like to have one, you should buy a watch which is stylistically neutral – one which will go with almost all your outfits. It can be a simple watch with a plain metal band and a face.

If a leather watch interests you, make sure that you pair it right. A black leather watch will look best with black leather shoes and vice versa.

If you love to have multiple watches, you can explore and experiment a bit around. You can buy a sleek watch for formal meetings, sports watch for a casual look and so on.


  • Choose between leather strap and a metal band

Metal bands are more neutral but should go with all the jewelry that you wear. As a matter of fact, men don’t wear a lot of jewelry, so you only need to match it with your belt’s buckle and cufflinks. Thus, pair a silver metal band with silver belt buckle and the likes.

If you are going for a leather watch, it should perfectly match with your shoes and belt.

Thus, choose the one which suits your wardrobe and style.


  • Watch dial

The dial of your watch also dictates the style of your watch to an extent. Does it have Roman numeral indices or  numbers?
Roman numerals or stick are found in most of the watches and look formal. On the other hand, the presence of numbers makes it look a bit casual.

Further, more the functionalities and complexities in a watch, the more casual it is.


So, Which Watch Is The Right Pick?

The answer to this question is dependent on your taste and budget to an extent. However, to play safe, here are a few pointers which should cover you up:

  • It is easier to match watches with a metal band than with a leather strap. But, then watches with leather strap look more formal and dressier.
  • The colors of your strap and metal band should match with your outfit. As a rule of thumb, colors of all metals in your outfit should match, (and correspondingly, colors of all leather items in your outfit should match as well).
  • The busier and colorful the dial is, the more casual it is.
  • If you are wearing formal shoes, go with a formal looking watch and if you are flaunting sneakers and casual shoes, go for a casual watch.
  • A simple dial with roman or stick indices and a simple leather or metal band stripe would make your watch formal.
  • A watch with a rubber strap and digital interface is a sports watch and should be paired accordingly.

Are You Over Exfoliating Your Skin?

Frustrated with the redness or irritation on your face? Or are you perplexed to discover sudden new changes in your face? Well, it may be an indication of over-exfoliation. You can also put it in this manner that it is a way of the skin to say that you are ripping off all the natural moisture and leaving it barren. The very first question that will strike you now is that how much is too much exfoliation?

How much is too much?

Everyone, especially the damsels, maintain a simple common beauty treatment every day, which includes cleansing-exfoliating-toning. If you are one of those who feels stressed on the exfoliation part will enhance your beauty, then you are on a wrong track. There are many living examples who are dealing with the predicaments of this common mistake of over-exfoliation. The main point that lies here is that there is no specific measuring instrument or parameter to show how much is too much regarding the exfoliation of your skin. Rather, you should be the very first person to realize or feel that your skin is over-exfoliated. It is right when you begin to discover:

  • Excessive dryness
  • Irritation
  • Patchiness
  • Redness
  • Increased sensitivity

It is also when your skin loses the firmness and tends to get tanned right after a short time span of sun-exposure.

All these symptoms can be agglomerated to address as a changed pattern of the skin. So if you feel these indications mentioned above, then it is high time you realize that you are exfoliating your skin too much. And that is really too much.

You can get my point exactly when you answer this question. How many times do you scrub your face in a day and how many times you are actually supposed to scrub or exfoliate? Caught you! Using a scrub gel or an exfoliator every day is an absolute NO-NO. So when you violate this NO-NO rule, it’s a too much exfoliation. Scrubbing should be done twice or thrice a week depending on your skin texture.

Expert Speak

As illuminated in the www.cosmopolitan.com, a dermatologist of New York City- Deniss Gross (M.D.) claims “As far as manual exfoliants go, such as scrubs with tiny granules, sloughing sponges, or hand-held devices, I find that many people overuse them and/or scrub too vigorously. Cleansing your skin daily with a washcloth, and applying very light pressure using circular motions, [is usually] all you need to gently remove most dead-skin cells.”

According to www.huffingtonpost.com, Jamie Sherrill, who is a nurse and a celebrity skin expert as well, has stated that when your skin adopts certain changes and altered patterns of reaction due to exfoliation, then you are certainly exfoliating too much than you should.

Since you have found out how much is too much, maintain the actual limits of exfoliation. If you are already suffering from too much exfoliation, then take the initiative to cure it. You can go through the solutions offered by Deniss Gross in www.cosmopolitan.com. To reduce redness of your skin, use products of green-tea extracts. You can also use cucumber extract and licorice extract to soothe any inflammation.

Keep it simple and don’t over-do it. Stay beautiful!

5 Mistakes We All Are Guilty Of Making With Our Contact Lenses

If a research is to be believed, up to 50% contact lens wearers report that they experience dryness which becomes worse on constant staring at a screen.

All thanks to our lifestyle, we do not take proper care of our contact lens the way we should. As per various experts, contact lenses, if not worn the correct way, can trigger various eye issues. Let’s not make that happen.

Here are 5 mistakes all contact lens wear have been guilty of making time and again. Let’s find out.

  • Sleeping in them

No matter, even if you have overnight contacts, sleeping in them time and again can starve the front surface of your eye of oxygen and leave it dry with discomfort, swelling, blurry vision.

A simple scratch on your eye can lead to various serious problems. This is because lens may trap bacteria which can enter in your eye through the scratch and can cause eye inflammation, redness and pain.

As per a recent Australian study, people who sleep in their lenses even for once a week are 6.5 times more prone to severe eye infection when compared to people who wear the lenses only during the day.

  • Showering in them

You should not make your lenses wet as water can make them swell or stick to the eye which can scratch your eye thus, making it easier for the bacteria to enter inside.

Showering with your lenses in can make you prone to a range of vision-threatening diseases. Water from pools, lakes, rivers, showers and the likes may contain various harmful microorganisms which can even lead to permanent loss of vision.

Thus, make it a point to wear swimming goggles before splashing inside a pool.

  • Not cleaning them properly

Cleaning your lenses properly is very important. Even more important is the liquid that you use to clean them with. The right way to apply your lens is after cleaning them thoroughly with freshly washed hands. Next, rub your lenses with a cleaning solution specialized for the lens to remove any mucus, and other secretions.

  • Wearing them past their expiration date

You might want to use your contact lens even after they are expired just out of laziness or just to save money, but this can cost you even more. Using the contact lens for too long can accumulate protein on the lenses or they can even serve as the breeding ground for a range of microorganisms, thus making you prone to long-term vision damage.

  • Ignoring your contact lens case

Your contact lens case is as important as your contact lens. Neglecting it and not keeping it well can lead to serious eye infections. It is highly recommended to clean it daily. All you need to do is rinse your case with a cleaning solution and then let it air dry on a paper towel.

All set? Prevention is always better than cure. Avoid the above-mentioned mistakes while using contact lens and stay safe.

5 Beauty Truths Every Woman Must Know About

When it comes to beauty, we all are experts!

We have our own skin care beauty routines, and are somehow, doing great with our skin.

But if you want to take your love towards skin a notch further, here are 5 beauty truths that you must know about and stick to.

Let’s jump onto them to have a look.

  • Skin care is not just about the face

This is one mantra every woman must stick to, no matter what. Taking care of your face is great and all, but it makes no sense to neglect your neck, or the back of your hands, for that matter!

Do not forget to include these vital parts in your daily beauty care routine. Make sure that you nourish these zones with enough moisture and protect them from daily spectrum using a proper sunscreen. Or else, these areas would start looking weathered with time.

Make sure that your rest of the body parts age as gracefully as your face, and the best way to do that is to include them in your daily skin care routine.

  • Bedtime is the best time to take care of your skin

You might feel tempted to hit your bed at the night, but prevent that from happening. Sleeping with makeup on will lead to pimples, pink eyes and damaged skin, to say the least.

Bedtime is the best time to nourish your skin with all the needed nutrients. Moisturize your skin, treat your lips and heels and other areas that need your attention. And believe us, your skin will thank you for all the favor.

  • Hair care is not only about the right shampoo and conditioner

Well, yes, having the right shampoo and conditioner have a lot of say in determining the quality of your hair, but that’s not everything that hair care is all about.

At times, boring products like heat protective products can make all the difference. Using a heat protectant spray before blowing them dry or using any hot tool can prevent your hair from getting dry.

Undoubtedly, this will not reflect in your style almost instantly, but it will surely go a long way in helping you flaunt healthy tresses forever.

  • Exfoliation can easily be overdone or underdone

Exfoliation is the easiest way to get a glow on your skin. It reveals new skin cells and helps you get rid of old flaky skin. However, it is important to know the right exfoliation frequency. While it all depends on your skin type and the kind of product that you use, but the general rule of thumb states that you must not exfoliate more than twice in a week.

  • Regular trimming is necessary if you want to make your hair grow

This might confuse you. You might end up thinking as to how trimming can make your hair grow. The logic is simple – damaged ends end up breaking more easily, which ultimately hurts your hair length.

Thus, keeping them well trimmed will not only boost their growth but healthy ends would also look much better.

6 Botox Facts That Might Come As a Surprise to You

You might have already heard enough about Botox?

Well, there is a lot of hype that a proper Botox treatment can make the wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines disappear.
This is the reason perhaps why every year hundreds of thousands of men and women undergo this treatment to get a wrinkle-free and smooth skin.

So, what it actually is?
Let’s start with the basics first and then talk about surprising facts related to it.

What is Botox?

Botulinum Toxin (BTX), commonly known as BOTOX, is a protein obtained from different bacteria and chemical compounds. Botox relaxes and softens the wrinkles, and helps you in getting a smooth skin.

Why Botox?

Botox is one of the safest cosmetic treatment as it is well researched, legal, and effective and approved by FDA (in 2002). It is older than you might think; it accidentally came into existence when doctors were attempting to determine the cause of the sudden death of Germans due to food poisoning.

But that’s not just about Botox. There is a lot more to it. Here are 6 Botox facts that may surprise you!

Little-Known Botox Facts

  • Botox was discovered accidentally!

Dr. Justinus Kerner accidentally invented Botox in the 1820s when he was attempting to find the cause of food poisoning that led to the sudden death of Germans due to eating meat. He discovered botulinum toxin, in the meat, and named the ailment that killed the Germans, “botulism.”

  • Botox can help with chronic pain and cure migraine

If you thought that Botox is just for enhancing your beauty, you might be mistaken.

In fact, doctors have developed FDA-approved Botox injections that can help in the treatment of migraines.
The complete treatment requires 31 Botox injections that are injected over seven different sites on head and neck in a span of 12 weeks.

  • Botox can help you through depression

Yes, you read that right.

Botox is helpful in limiting the body’s ability to frown. As frown sends a signal to the brain that can signal depression, the people who could literally not frown were happier than people who could frown.

  • Botox was almost used as a weapon in World War II.

 This might sound a bit weird but the United States almost used Botox as a weapon during World War II where they developed a pill of toxins that would be used to intoxicate the food and drinks of high ranked Japanese Officials.

Prostitutes were expected to execute this plan but it was never really executed.

  • Botox is not permanent.

Many of us assume that Botox is permanent, but the actual results last only for an average of 4-6 months for most of the people.

  • Botox has many medical uses.

Like we already said, Botox has many medical uses that include fixing brow asymmetry, minimizing lines around the nose, decreasing oiliness of skin, minimizing the appearance of the pores, correcting a droopy nose tip, and decreasing scalp sweating.

Were you surprised by any of the above-mentioned Botox facts?