Fighting The Effects Of Aging?

The sleep hormone, melatonin, could be crucial for people as they get older because of the roles that sleep and the body’s daily rhythm play in brain health.

Certain diseases and natural aging affect that rhythm or are linked to disruptions in it, but melatonin, in its role of regulating our internal clocks, could have benefits for those conditions, according to a new review in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

The hormone has been shown to improve sleep disorders such as insomnia and jet lag, sleep quality and the neurodegenerative Alzheimer’s disease.
The relationship between melatonin and health, as it is connected to aging.

With age and certain diseases the robustness of the circadian system decreases and melatonin production is diminished or shifted.
And that could be hazardous to health in many different ways.

Melatonin could be important for people as they get older because of the hormone’s role in sleep and circadian rhythm, which might be related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Irregular circadian rhythms and poor sleep quality are associated with increased risks of cardiovascular, metabolic and cognitive diseases, as well poor quality of life and increased risks of premature death.

We still don’t fully understand sleep, and we certainly don’t have a complete understanding of the human brain.

However, previous research suggests that melatonin supplements helps to realign a person’s circadian rhythm and sleep, and can improve cardiovascular and cognitive health, including in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, who may start producing less melatonin in the early stages of their illness.

Research has also shown that sleep, while crucial for biological function in general, is important for cognitive function in the elderly — including one study that found a one-hour nap in the middle of the day could be key for seniors.

Melatonin represents a promising investigational route for early intervention to promote healthy physical and mental aging.

Five simple ways to stay young

Start the year with maximising your skincare routine!

There may not be a ‘fountain of youth’, but the way we treat our bodies can, of course, preserve youthfulness or even reverse aging.

Here are a few suggestions to maintain youthful skin:

1. Moisturize your skin daily: Look for a herbal day cream that consists of SPF and Edelweiss plant stem cell extract which is known for having antioxidant, anti-aging and skin conditioning properties. The cream should provide intense hydration, be fast-absorbing and able to re-plump skin.

2. Follow a healthy diet: An imbalanced diet not only affects your health but also your skin. Therefore, it is important to consume foods that encourage healthy skin renewal. A diet comprising high-vitamin foods such as fruits, salads and natural juices are rich in anti-oxidants that help provide moisturization and maintain naturally glowing skin.

3. Add a night cream to your skin care regimen: During the night time, skin cell production doubles and skin layers are renewed. While sufficient sleep is the key to flawless skin, enhance this process with an herbal night cream consisting of botanical extracts, by applying it right before sleeping. Night creams work overnight to provide intense hydration making your skin visibly youthful.

4. Protect your eyes: The area around your eyes is sensitive and most susceptible to developing the first signs of aging. Use a herbal under eye cream packed with Edelweiss plant stem cells, which will soothe tired eyes. The cream would help gently nourish and hydrate the tender skin around your eyes, leaving it bright and youthful.

5. Take a break: Today’s fast-paced life and increased stress levels lead to emotional as well as physical distress. Stress contributes a great deal to skin-aging. Dull skin, fine lines, and wrinkles are signs of aging that are accelerated due to stress. Indulging in a calming activity such as yoga or meditation can help detoxify your body, balance hormone levels and relieve you of stress. So, give yourself a break every now and then to rejuvenate your mind and skin.

All in all, adequate rest and proper skincare will keep you looking younger than your actual years!

Everything You Need To Know About Retinol Peel Anti-Aging Treatment

Retinol is one skin ingredient about which you must have heard a lot of times but still might not have an idea what it is all about.

Simply put, a retinol is a miracle ingredient which can provide you with noticeably brighter and a fairer looking skin. It protects your skin from the visible signs of aging. This is the reason why perhaps retinol has become one of the most popular choices at the dermatologist’s office.

So, what the heck is retinol peel anti-aging treatment? Let’s have a look.

What Is Retinol Peel Anti Aging Treatment?

In a nutshell, retinol anti-aging treatment helps you get over the visible signs of aging.

Retinol, which is primarily vitamin A, penetrates deeper into the skin due to its small molecular size. It helps you improve the tone and texture of the skin in a very efficient way.

The retinol peel anti-aging treatment is suitable for almost all the skin types, particularly for women suffering from pigmentation-related issues. The treatment makes your skin hydrated, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, boosts the skin’s elasticity and helps maintain the overall appearance and health of the skin.

How Does It Work?

Retinol peel anti-aging treatment works by producing your skin cells rapidly and corrects the imperfections. Further, it shrinks the dilated pores so they are less likely to clog and become blackheads and whiteheads.

It is a result-driven treatment that works deeper within the skin for a long-lasting effect. It affects the retention of collagen and improves the skin’s elasticity. Further, it stops photo-aging before it starts. The retinoid prevents the rise of collagenase that breaks down collagen and thus delays the aging process.

How Frequently Should You Take This Treatment?

It is highly recommended to take three treatments with a gap of 4-6 weeks for a brighter and a smoother looking skin. The whole treatment takes about 30 minutes to work.

Experts also suggest that the results are not JUST cosmetic; the treatment also affects the pre-cancerous cells and makes them return to normal ones.

What Precautions Should You Take?

You should avoid doing any strenuous exercise after getting the treatment. Further, make it a point to wear sunscreen with SPF 30 while in sun.

Further, moisturize your face properly after receiving the treatment as the free radical production is high. Also, a moisturizer would help you make your skin comfortable.

The peel stimulates the melanin activity so to avoid any post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The treatment is not recommended for pregnant women and the people suffering from rosacea (a condition that causes skin redness). Further, you should also avoid waxing while undergoing the treatment because it may tear the skin.

Wrapping Up

As a matter of fact, the results vary from person to person. Thus, you should try speaking to a skin care specialist before taking the treatment. They will discuss how the treatment works and if it would be the perfect fit for your skin.

This was all about retinol peel anti-aging treatment. Got any questions? Do sound off in the comments below!

10 Tips to Improve Your Anti-Aging Skin Regimen

Who doesn’t like to age like a fine wine? We all envy women who seem to be unaffected by the aging process, or who have emerged out to be more beautiful with the passage of time.

While it is not possible to prevent the anti-aging process completely, however, we all can do our little bit to slow down the process, or even reverse it to an extent. So, how would you do it? Let’s find out.

  • Avoid going out in the sun

If a research is to be believed, 80% visible signs of aging account due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Thus, it is important to protect your skin from too much sun exposure, no matter what season it is.

  • Sleep tight

Our skin tends to age much faster when our body doesn’t get proper sleep. Make it a point to get at least 8 hours of sound sleep every night. Or else, get ready to witness some visible signs of gaining including dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles, sagging skin, and breakouts.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water for sure impacts your skin in large ways. It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water if you want to flaunt a glowing and healthy skin. Water can definitely help you in reversing the process of aging in addition to benefiting you in numerous other ways.

  • Avoid losing too much weight

Losing weight is beneficial in a number of ways, but it can impact the way you look. When you gain weight, your skin stretches and when you lose it, your skin starts becoming sagged, thus, making you look old.

  • Stick to a proper skin care regime as per your skin type

Do you know your skin type yet? If not, it is high time that you know your skin and adopt a specific skin care regimen as per its type. Make sure that you keep essential factors like your age, skin problems, skin type and daily lifestyle while determining a suitable skin regimen for yourself.

  • Quit smoking

Needless to say, smoking is detrimental to your health in numerous ways. In addition to damaging your respiratory tract, it also makes you look old and accelerates your aging process.

  • Start taking skin care supplements

Once you reach the thirties, it is the right time to start investing in your skin. You should start taking skin care supplements which will ensure that all the essential nutrients that are needed by your skin are supplied well in time.

  • Avoid using soap on your face

Certain soaps can be too harsh for your gentle and sensitive skin. Thus, make sure that you use specific cleansers specifically suitable for your skin type. As a matter of fact, a wrong choice of face wash can strip all natural oils from your skin, making it look dull and dry.

  • Treat yourself with a spa day

Dryness and dehydration can give birth to wrinkles and fine lines. Thus, to keep your skin hydrated and well-maintained, go for massages and facials which would boost the blood circulation and rejuvenate your skin perfectly.

  • Take help of professionals

If nothing seems to work out, and you want to slow down the aging process, you might like to try professional services like laser skin resurfacing and botox to prevent aging.

We wish you a happy and beautiful aging!

Anti-Aging Body Treatments That Are Known For Their Assured Results

Worried about your saggy skin? Most of us are. But fret not. Let me introduce a few amazing anti-aging treatments that will restore the youthfulness in you.

Anti-aging treatments to try

  1. Rice and milk cleanser

Rice which is a traditional ingredient in the Japanese culture, is very rich in vitamin E. It provides a smooth and exfoliated skin. Rice can simply be mixed with plain water and ground to form a paste. This paste can be applied to the skin which works wonders for the aging skin. But, a better option would be rice milk as it adds retinol building vitamins especially vitamin A and some calcium to the skin, helping it to get rid of old cells and regenerate new cells.

  1.  Blackberry and walnut scrub

This scrub is exclusively provided at beauty salons. Blackberry is a rich source of antioxidants. Loaded with vitamins C, A and E, these vital vitamins can reduce the signs of aging. Further, scrub provides you with the goodness of walnuts which is a gentle exfoliant. Thus, next time you go to a salon, make sure you ask for the walnut and blackberry scrub to fight aging.

  1. Honey – apple seed scrub

Apple is not just a lovely fruit to eat but it also offers great benefits to the skin. The honey apple seed scrub makes use of the antioxidant-loaded seeds which act as a gentle exfoliant. Added to this is the deep cleansing power of honey. Honey helps in deep cleansing of skin removes the dead cells and promotes the growth of new cells. Apples have a combination of flavonoids, alpha hydroxy acids, and polyphenols that help in brightening the skin and prevent sagging.

  1. Cucumber aloe vera treatment

This is yet another anti-aging treatment which is going viral for all good reasons. It is even recommended by skin doctors due to its benefits. The skin gets duller and duller as the age passes by and this amazing treatment helps in keeping your skin all hydrated. The cucumber juice, mix aloe vera and some yogurt mixture is uniformly applied to the skin. The aloe vera extracts help in keeping the skin hydrated. And the lactic acid present in yogurt boosts the melanin content in the skin causing the skin look younger. The cucumber’s job is to hydrate the skin and removes dead skin cells.

  1. Avocado-wheatgrass mask treatment

This anti-aging treatment is often recommended by many skin specialists due to its long-lasting advantages. Avocado is rich in oleic acid which is a natural moisturizer. The wheatgrass also contains large quantities of vitamin E, that improves the texture of the skin Thus, it helps you in fighting against wrinkles and sagging skin.

That’s it. Here are your five anti-aging treatments that are known for assuring best results. Try it and see for yourself.

A Facial Massage Is an Anti-Aging Trick You Need to Try

The solution for a radiant, youthful complexion could actually be just a step away from you. Facial massages could actually get things done and needless to mention could also give you that coveted glow. However, if you are not visiting a spa anytime soon, you could always obtain the benefits of giving yourself a facial massage just by getting one for yourself in your home.

Benefits of a good facial massage

There is no doubt that a massage is always a great way to ease down and relax after a tiring week. But the treatment could also aid you in treating many of the usual concerns pertaining to your skin care, which also includes aging. The most important advantage of getting facial massages is that the act can stimulate the superficial blood vessels providing an efficient blood flow and better nourishment to the skin. It further helps your skin to avoid sagging.

What is the apt technique?

You are always light handed while you apply the product to your sensitive areas. In the same way, you must also be gentle and sensitive while you are giving your face a massage. The proper way would be by massaging the face in big circular strokes, often in the upward direction, and to compulsorily make use of the fingertips. This is very much likely to help you confront the gravity loss eventually, even in a minute magnitude. It is essential that you do not make use of your fingernails. By doing it, there are chances that you will tear your skin which would cause hyperpigmentation, or at times, scars that would remain forever. To avoid your skin from sagging, you should see to it that your facial massage strokes are never made in the downward direction.

How frequently should you be doing it?

Giving yourself a facial massage many times a week, or even massaging every day would not really enhance the chances or effectiveness of conspicuous results. Most of the skin care specialists and dermatologists claim that a facial massage every month must stimulate the growth of skin cells and also make them regenerate quicker, in the long run. To tell it in simple words, when it is about facial massage, you can always overdo it.

What are the areas on the face you need to target?

Have you got tired eyes or delicate skin? There is a certain method to give it a massage. If you get up from the bed with puffy eyes despite having sufficient amount of sleep you need to do this. Applying a little bit of the eye cream which has been your favorite, on your finger page and using them to massage both your upper as well as your lower lids of the eyes in tiny, circular upward strokes could actually calm the region. If you are having sensitive skin, your skin complexion needs a comparatively lighter touch. If you are susceptible to acne problems, it is advised that you prevent extracted pores to avoid inflammation or irritation that would have otherwise followed next.

Use the right products

Making use of a good skin care cosmetic for anti-aging could also increase the effectiveness of facial massages. To get the best out of this treatment, always select a product which has got enough slip to be absorbed into the pores of your skin while you are rubbing your face.

Focus on These 8 Places Where Face Shows its Aging (Along with DIY Solutions)

Aging is a natural phenomenon for all beings and no one can avoid that but you can most definitely delay it if you know the appropriate tricks for the same. Tension is a key factor that speeds up your aging process. Firstly, to delay the aging process, you need to stop worry about time and age. You can surely hold on your age and remain evergreen if you follow a few suggestions and tricks to rejuvenate your aging skin.

The 8 most common signs of aging and how to avoid them

Creepy and Wrinkled Skin

This is the most prominent sign of aging. Surely you wouldn’t want your skin to loosen up and sag at any cost. As you grow older your skin starts sagging and fine lines appear. Care must be taken to avoid them in the first place.

DIY Solution: You can start by using sunscreen regularly whenever you are out in the sun. This helps in restoring the skin quality. Some sunscreens also contain firming peptides that help to hold on to the sagging skin.

Dark Circles

Most of you have faced the problem of dark circles at some point. It is troublesome when you are putting on makeup as nothing seems to be able to hide it perfectly.

DIY Solution: Eye cream containing retinol, hyaluronic acid, and natural sugar has shown positive results to remove the dark patch. A good sleep is also helpful in this case. If nothing seems to work, use a concealer to hide it temporarily.

Dull and Patchy Skin

Loss of elastin and collagen due to age is a major factor for this. It is also a cause of dry, broken skin. Uneven distribution of melanin is another reason for it.

DIY Solution: Use any product that contains vitamin, retinol, antioxidants, peptides and amino acids. This will help you get a smoother and even toned skin.

Age Spots

Overproduction of melanin may cause sun spots which may spoil your overall appearance and cause pigmentation of the skin.

DIY solution: Use a suitable sunscreen for the same. You can also look for Hydroquinone as an ingredient in your skin care product. This will help to lighten the skin by breaking down the melanin.

Double Chin

Accumulation of fat during aging may lead to the formation of a double chin and it might not be a suitable condition for you. To look your best avoid it in the first place, if not, at least try to reduce it.

DIY Solution: Skin, especially neck-tightening creams are somewhat helpful in this case. Proper diet and exercise may also come in handy.

Heavy eyelids

The eyes are the most beautiful and prominent feature in any person. Heavy eyelids due to aging will make you look not as beautiful as you mean to look.

DIY Solution: Skin tightening creams that contain retinol and vitamin A tend to stimulate collagen formation and hence make the eyelids look lighter. If it does not work out that well for you, use a sunglass when you go outdoors.

Thin Eyebrows

Thin eyebrows are a major concern for middle-aged people these days.

DIY Solution: Do not use tweezers to shape your eyebrows in the hope that they might look fuller. Instead, use hair revitalizers to do the trick for you.

Hollowing face

When the cheekbone drop, your confidence drops with it.

DIY Solution: All you can do in this case is to use sunscreen to protect the skin from aging.

What You Must Know About Signs of Aging And Ways to Combat With Them?

Let’s face it. You’re aging. Every single minute that passes by, your skin slowly loses its elasticity and gets wrinkly. Busting a popular myth, you don’t need to wait till you cross 30’s in order to have a full proof plan of action against aging. You need to act NOW. Start noticing the first signs of aging. Stay vigilant, fight the battle by consuming the optimum amount of green leafy vegetables, drinking water and switching to naturopathy.

Undoubtedly, whatever you do, you cannot reverse the age clock. However, you can always win the battle. And the first step to winning this battle is by knowing the signs of aging and following a proper regime to combat them.

Signs of Aging and How to Fight With Them?

1. Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are some of the first signs of aging that would be visible in the early twenties. This is because the skin around your eyes is very delicate, and thus wrinkles sooner. In order to slow down the process, it is highly recommended that you invest in a good eye cream and apply it twice a day. Try going for a retinol based eye cream. If you are allergic to retinol, you can choose to go for an antioxidant cream. Besides that, wearing sunglasses and a good sunscreen cream also work wonders.

2. Glow-less skin

This is another sign of aging. Your skin does not glow anymore. This is because with the age, your skin’s natural exfoliating process slows down – giving you a dull and glow-less skin. You can do your part by exfoliating your skin with glycolic acid. Start by exfoliating once a week and make sure that you don’t overdo it.

3. Puffy eyes

Puffy eyes is another problem that shows itself with age. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and thin, which becomes all the thinner with age. Puffy eyes can be due to a variety of factors. It might be because you are watching too many late night movies or simply because you are consuming too much salty food. The only way to reduce puffiness  is by having adequate amount of sleep and cutting the dosage of salty foods.

4. Frown lines

Frown lines are fine wrinkles formed due to sun exposure.  Make it a habit of applying 30SPF sunscreen every time you step out of the home.

5. Age spots

Age spots are the spots on your skin from the sun. The areas of the skin with higher levels of pigmentation often result in age spots. The best way to fight them is to use sunscreen and oversized sunglasses.

6. Sagging skin

Sagging skin is one of the prominent aging signs. Our skin gets its firm look due to the optimum amount of elastin and collagen in it. With age, the production of these compounds slows down, and our skin starts sagging slowly. To make your skin firm again, choose products with ingredients like peptides and niacinamide. They are antioxidants that help in restoring the skin the way it was.

Follow a proper beauty regime, moisturize your skin daily and invest in some good sunscreen. Keep yourself hydrated and drink loads of water. And above all, stay happy! Remember, you’re beautiful!

Is the Fountain of Youth Really in the Sea?

How often do you hear about a new anti-aging product offering the world to you on a platter, promising anti-wrinkle results and skin perfection? How often do you open up a magazine and see an advertisement for a similarly advertised anti-aging product? Chances are, you feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices that come at you on a daily basis. And you’re probably still left wondering about which one works best or is really for you, since obviously you can’t try all of them.

So, what’s the best way to go when you’re looking for a new product to help you slow down aging and keep your youthful glow? One of the best places to go is science, so if you keep your eyes on the latest scientifically researched skin care studies, you’ll start getting the answers you seek.

If you already do this or if you don’t, you may or may not have heard about the new type of product offering a lot of promise for youthful looks in your skin care regime. And, the most interesting thing about this product is where you can find the ingredient—at the bottom of the sea. Maybe the ocean really offers the fountain of youth after all.

So, what is the ingredient? Read on and you’ll find out about what some of the recent scientific skin care studies are telling us about the most promising new ingredient to your anti-aging regime.

The Sea of Anti-Aging Promise

So what’s in the sea that promises such awesome skin care results? The answer lies in sea urchins, and what they offer to anti-aging concepts as an answer to prevent agingin skin

MDI Biological Laboratory recently conducted studies taking a look at sea urchins and their regenerative capabilities. There are three different species of sea urchins, and each offer three different life spans. The whole point behind looking at sea urchins was to try and pinpoint their ability to regenerate aging genes as well their species mainstay of recreating body parts that they lost or injured, and find out what this could offer to human beings.

Sea Urchins

So, why sea urchins? Well, first of all, they can regenerate, which is something that is both well-known but not much studied, and can offer some promise to human beings. And second of all, sea urchins have a genetic program that is close to humans, which is something most people really aren’t aware of.

You’re probably wondering what the scientists discovered. Initially they assumed that as sea urchins got older, they would not be able to use their ability to regenerate as effectively, sort of like the way humans age. However, interestingly enough, this was not the case.

The scientists discovered that age and the ability to regenerate for sea urchins really had no correlation. Sea urchins can continue to regenerate their tissue quite effectively all the way up to the end of their lifespans.

Learning more about sea urchins means there is a lot of promise out there as far as what’s in store for aging humans, differing from what science thought before.

Look Young: 6 Ways Your Habits Are Sabotaging Your Skin

Alright, so you cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize – and so you have a fairly perfect beauty regime. You are proud of your skin care routine and feel your skin is doing just great. Well, we might not have good news for you. You are most probably sabotaging your skin and that too, without even knowing!

There are certain things that every woman indulges herself in, and thus messing with her skin. Let’s talk about 5 such villains which harm our skin more than doing good.

Read on to discover, after all, you need to keep your skin right, no?

  • Over-exfoliating your skin

Undoubtedly, exfoliation brings a glow to your skin. But how much should you actually do? What’s the right amount of doing it? We’ll advise you to play it safe. Limit it to once or twice a week. Further, if you flaunt a super sensitive skin, make sure you are using a skin exfoliator meant for sensitive skin, or else you’ll end up with skin inflammation and irritated skin.

  • Picking products just because your friends said so!

So your best friend just talked to you about the new cleanser that she has got and it is just perfect! Next time when you went to the supermarket, you purchased it immediately. Alert – wrong move!

Do not copy your friends blindfolded. Choose the cleanser made for you and which is right for you keeping your skin quality, texture and beauty regime in mind.

  • Going overboard with moisturization

This goes without saying; moisturizing is one of the main parts of your beauty schedule. But that in no way means that you should overboard it. Over moisturization can harm your skin, leaving your skin addicted to moisturizer. This way it loses its ability to adjust itself. Thus, have a proper schedule – apply it every morning and night, and do not overdo it.

  • Are you using wrong toothpaste?

Well, yes, this might sound a little bit weird the first time. But if you are having breakouts near your mouth, it is high time that you inspect the ingredients of your toothpaste. The presence of various chemicals and fluorides in the toothpaste make the situation worse. It is thus better to stick to natural products.

  • Your beauty skin has not changed over the years

If you are having the same beauty routine that you had during your college days – my friend, this is where you are going wrong. Just like your lifestyle and even your diet have changed over the years – it is the right time that you change your beauty regime too. Study and analyze your skin and the products which work well on it and blacklist the ones which don’t. Invest in a good eye cream and start fighting with aging symptoms right from the beginning.

  • You’re not detoxifying yourself

Living in a city has its set of pros and cons. The major con is to face that pollution that takes its toll on your skin. It is thus very important that you detoxify yourself internally. Make sure that your body gets rid of toxins before they start showing on your face. Try sticking to an alkaline diet. Taking baths with Epson salt also help.

How many of these ways are you guilty of sabotaging your skin? Shout out in the comments below!