Biggest Skin Care Mistakes

Do you know that some of the things you are doing every day to take care of your skin can actually be harming it? While you might have the best intentions for your face, some of the things you do can actually be creating some of your skincare problems.

Effective skin care can’t be based on intentions alone. But the good news is that you can fix these habits simply by educating yourself about what they are. So if you want to learn what the most common bad habits in skin care are, keep reading.

Improper Blemish Care

Everybody gets them and we all hate them so how can you treat them? The biggest problem people have is picking at them once they get them, which makes it worse. Also, some people will use spot treatments incorrectly or incorrect pimple products in the wrong stages of the breakout. Doing this type of treatment can make the blemish last longer or even create a scar. Follow product directions and make sure you are using your treatments in the right way.


There are so many anti-aging products out there, people can get confused about what to use and just decide to use too many of them. Most of the effective anti-aging products exfoliate for younger looking skin. But, if you use too many exfoliating products, it can actually harm your skin and over dry your skin cells. The end result of too much dryness is more pigmentation in the skin.

Ditching the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is very important for daily use. What most damages your skin on a daily basis is the sun, so if you aren’t benefitting from a daily application of sunscreen, you are forgetting one of the most important steps to staying youthful. Wearing sunscreen each and every day, no matter the weather, will prevent the sun from damaging your skin. Even if it doesn’t look sunny, it doesn’t mean you can skip your sunscreen, because those skin-damaging UV rays are still out there, no matter the weather.

Forgetting a Toner or Using an Alcohol-Based One

Like sunscreen, toners need to be used every day. The best way to go is to use one that does not use alcohol because alcohol can dry up your skin. Some people stop using toners because they’ve been using an alcohol one that over dries the skin. Find one that works for you. Then, use it daily.

Forgetting About Your Neck

We’ve all been told to moisturize our necks, but a lot of women actually don’t moisturize enough. They’ll attack their faces with moisturizer and apply leftovers to their necks. That means the neck usually isn’t getting enough moisturizer, or attention. Try to but a little more emphasis on keeping your neck looking young and smooth, and don’t forget to also apply sunscreen on your neck.

Not Following Directions

Sometimes you just forget to follow the directions. Make sure to pay close attention to what the product or skin care professional tells you, and follow directions. Many times when skin care products seem like they are not working, it’s because directions are not being followed. So you need to be careful and attentive with directions.