5 Unique New Year Traditions To Start This New Year

New Year should be about doing something new each year.
Adding new traditions in the family will bring out something to look forward to every year and will keep the excitement of new festivities alive. Also, starting new traditions will instill a sense of keeping up with a resolution.
It will make them understand the value of following what you once started.

Here are some of the unique New Year traditions to start this New Year.

1.    New Year’s interview

This tradition never gets old!
If your family has not started this tradition yet, buck up for this New Year. If you have kids at home, this will be an exciting activity for them too.
You can know more about things that family members don’t usually say out loud through this tradition.
With a new year’s interview, you can actually know a lot. Upgrade to new questions every year.

Some of the New Year interview questions can be:

The best thing that happened to you last year?

What do you look forward to in this New Year?

What is one place you like to visit this year?

Also, you can do video interviews with the same questions too. 

2.    Surprise your neighbors with surprise notes

You can make your kids do this and even elders too.
Prepare surprise personalized notes for your neighbors and drop them in their letterbox. Thank them for being by your side always.
A few kind words can make a huge difference in someone’s lives.
By starting this tradition, you can also make your kids learn about the importance of thanking others.

3.    Prepare a Good things Jar

So that you don’t forget what all things happened last year and how grateful you were for the last year, prepare a Good Things Jar.
Keep small notes in this Jar mentioning what all good events took place last year?
Sit together and let each family read out loud from their Good things Jar on the New Year’s Eve and have a good time.
You can also read them in the upcoming years and remember all the good times and thank god for the great things in life.

4.    Throw away the negativity in the fireplace

Okay, so this is a fun thing to start with and will help in reflecting on your bad deeds.
This requires all the family members to write down a bad habit they want to get rid of this year.
Read each other’s bad habit and remind them of their bad habits too (to add a bit of humor) and throw them in the burning fireplace as a way to get rid of them.

5.    Set cooking days for everyone

This New Year tradition will help mothers out a lot.
With this unique Near Year’s tradition set dates for once in a month where every other family member has to cook something.
It can be anything how they wish it to be. Help your kids out in preparing if they need help.
Even it is simply a toast or coffee, appreciate your kids’ efforts and be happy about it.

So, these were some of the unique new year traditions to start this New Year and can change them in your way. 

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