New Year’s Eve Party Beauty Tips

Definitely, you don’t want to take any chances of not being kissed because of your chappy lips or rough skin.
Well, also he should love you for who you are but you need to look good to feel good too. Isn’t it? 

Rock your New Year’s Eve party this coming year by following some of these chic beauty tips.
Besides the usual of keeping yourself hydrated, moisturizing your skin, exfoliating it, exercising regularly and eating healthy food, here is where you need to work for looking extra.

1.    Keep your hair tresses healthy

Hair can make or break your look! A good hair day usually isn’t days when you have to party. So, it’s important to have every day a good hair day. Sort out your hair tresses as dry and limp tresses won’t accentuate your look. 

Keep them healthy by washing your hair with lukewarm water. Oil them before every hair wash to avoid dandruff and dry hair. Get a hair spa. To add volume to your hair on your final day, add texture to them by using a dry shampoo sprayer and then run your fingertips to your roots. Backcomb a little to add volume.

2.    Decide your dress

Let’s not fuss around at the last time this year when it comes to selecting a dress for your New Year’s Eve party. Decide on what you are going to wear a few weeks before so you can plan accordingly. 

A little black dress, a red maxi outfit or whatever it is, choose it well according to your body type. Make sure it’s comfy and will stay with you all night. Also, ensure that it is easy to get rid of when you are drunk.  That’s a must! 

3.    Choose the right footwear

In the event of looking just perfect and tall, make sure you don’t punish your feet. Wear comfortable heels like wedges, block heels or platforms to stay comfortable all night long and dance your heart out. 

We don’t want you to carry your heels in your hands at the end of the party. Thank us later!

4.    Soft and smooth skin

Smooth, shiny and gleaming skin can make you feel a lot better about yourself. To flaunt your soft limbs in your party dress, work towards making them super soft and cozy. Wax your skin, moisturize it, scrub and exfoliate it to remove the dead cells and finally add a little shimmer to them. 

Don’t we all love touching our skin when it’s super soft, especially after a good waxing session?

5.    Makeup rightly

Red lipstick is a must to top your look. Highlight your cheekbones with a bronzer, do a smokey eye look with a soft and natural shade to keep it minimal. 

For a bold and dashing look, choose bold colors like black with a dash of silvery grey. Plan your accessories to complete your look. 

So, these were some of the New Year Eve’s party beauty tips. We hope that your year starts with positive vibes.   

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