How to Take Care of Dry and Tired Hands and Feet in Winter

Winter is here and what comes along with it is the feeling to stay cuddled with your blanket with dry fruits all day.
Although the winter is great and all, it often makes our hands and feet dry and flaky.

Not anymore.
Here are some of the tips to take care of dry and tired hands and feet in winter.

1. Move your legs

No matter how chilly it’s outside, go for a walk and sweat a little. It’s essential to go for a morning walk daily in winters to get away with the tiredness and laziness your body is drowned in, in winters.
Walking keeps your blood circulation intact and will make you feel less tired and sulky.

2. Take foot soaks

The best way to take care of your dry feet is by keeping them hydrated through foot soaks.
Foot soaks will provide your feet and body with the needed relaxation and also help in stimulating blood circulation.
Just add a little Epsom salt in warm water to make a soothing foot soak and enjoy the comfort. 

3. Reduce the use of hot water

We know winters and hot water go hand in hand. But that’s what causes your skin to dry up.
Using hot water every time you wash your hands or feet in winters is something you should avoid.
Hot water makes your skin lose all its natural moisture and eventually dries it up. Always wash your hands and feet with normal water if your skin gets too dry and dull.

4. Moisturize your skin

In winters, your skin demands extra care. Take care of your skin by providing a sufficient amount of moisture to it.
Drink as much as water you can, apply moisturizer to your skin every time you wash it and before going to bed. Use a good moisturizer that is effective in hydrating your skin well.
You can make your own moisturizer by mixing glycerine and rose water to hydrate your skin in winters. 

5. Increase the intake of water

Don’t wait for your body to feel thirsty to drink water. In winters, the regular intake of water decreases to a lower level because you normally don’t feel so thirsty in cold weather. However, you should remember to drink water to keep your body hydrated and moisturized.
If you feel, water is too cold to drink, warm it a little. No matter what, increase the intake of water in winters.

6. Avoid too much use of heaters

Sitting before heaters all day long can suck moisture from your body, leaving your skin dry and flaky.
Keeping a bowl filled with water in your room can also negate the situation. 

These are some of the ways to keep dry and tired hands and feet in winters at bay.

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