Learn the Art of Layering this Winter

You don’t always have to make bold choices to learn the art of layering. And, neither do you need to go on exclusive winter trips to layer your clothes. You can do that anytime to exhibit your style, personality and to look trendy.

However, in addition to making you look stylish, layering also helps you in two other ways:

  • It keeps your warm and cozy when you are out in the chilly weather, and also allows you to take off the extra layers when you enter a warm building.
  • It makes your clothing more versatile and helps you save money by allowing you to flaunt your same pieces in different style.

Here is how you can master the art of layering:

First layer

The whole game begins right from the first layer. Your first layer should be well-fitted and body-hugging. This would protect your body from the chills, and will also ensure that you do not look fatty as you add more layers.

Ideally, we will recommend you to wear a piece with turtlenecks or collars to keep yourself warm. If it is too cold, you might also like to wear a set of thermals underneath.


The mid-layer is what is going to play an important look, and will start to define your look. In this layer, you can go with pieces like sweaters, vests, crop tops, blazers, and cardigans. Since this layer will be more visible when compared to the first layer, it is essential that this one is neatly ironed, and has proper texture, color, and pattern.

Additionally, it should fit you well and be comfortable to wear.

Outer layer

Finally, conclude your look by adding an outer layer which can be a poncho, shawl, jacket, trench or a vest. This layer is what will look the most, and so, it is essential that it looks neat and perfectly wrapped. The length of your final layer is also of much importance here. You can choose to go longer with this layer, however, for a trendier look, you can also throw a crop hacker at the top.

To play the cards right, it is essential that you pay enough attention to proportions and keep the balance intact. If you are planning to add a lot of layers, we will highly recommend you to have a slim and sleek bottom. However, if you plan to go with baggy jeans, it is essential that you keep your top tailored and with proper fitting.


Once you are done with the layers, you can finalize your entire look with the help of proper accessories, like a handbag, a statement neck piece, a hat or a scarf.

All you need to do is use your creativity and experiment a bit here and there. Play with the textures, mix different patterns, go colorblock, oh! The opportunities are limitless!

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