Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know About Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, we are all left wondering about its whereabouts. How this bizarre tradition of dressing weirdly and begging candies from door to door actually came into being? What was the main idea behind this tradition? There are various answers that remain unfettered. Here are some of the facts that will finally put an end to most of the questions that you might have about Halloween.

Where It Started From?

The origin of Halloween is always under question. We are sorted on this one as this tradition is whooping 6,000 years old and was first celebrated in Ireland. The Celts believed that the ghosts of the deceased will haunt the Earth on this day, so people leave treats on the front doors to please these ghosts and dress as ghosts to scare them away.

Highest Candy Sales

Halloween marks the highest number of candy sales every year. The Trick or Treat candy is a famous Halloween candy people prefer to buy on this day as children go around and beg for candies as a part of the celebration.

Getting scared is Pleasurable

According to a popular belief and scientifically too, making yourself scared deliberately in a safe environment makes one feel happy, elated and pleasurable. This is why people try to scare themselves by attending local events that are themed particularly to scare people.

Wearing Masks to Deceive Ghosts

Celts in order to prevent themselves from bumping into ghosts, prefer to wear masks on this day, especially in dark. It is believed that this will make ghosts mistake people for their own fellow spirits.

So next time when you get ready for Halloween, get ready with a purpose to disguise ghosts not to look scary or sexy.

The Sugar Rush

Typically, children end up consuming about 7000 calories on this single day. Isn’t that too much to believe?

Want to See a Witch on Halloween

The Witch is an old English word which actually means a wise woman. If you are up for seeing a wise woman this Halloween night, wear your clothes inside out and walk backward.

Why Are You Carving Pumpkins?

Well, here’s the answer to why pumpkins are carved on Halloween. This is to ward off the ghosts and scare the evil spirits away. This time, you better carve it away purposefully.

 Bonfires or Bone Fires?

Halloween celebration is incomplete without a bonfire. Bonfires are lit on this day to ensure that sun returns back after a long winter. Traditionally, the bones of cattle were thrown in the flames. This is how probably bonfire got its name. Now that sounds like some logic!

Feel enlightened much? Celebrate this Halloween with a purpose this year and just not because everyone is doing it.

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