Mistakes You Are Making When You Air Dry Your Hair

Hair dryers are our ultimate saviors.

From helping us deal with our bad hair days to drying our hair on the go, there are various instances when having a hair dryer by our side solves a lot of problems.

But did you know that we all are guilty of making certain mistakes while drying our hair? Let’s find out.

  • Forgetting to section your hair

Sectioning the hair is very important while air drying your hair. If you are taking large sections of hair at a time, the hair dryer won’t be able to dry all the hair because of volume. This makes the left out wet hair frizzy.

If you are trying to save your time, take small sections of hair as they dry out quickly. Always follow a bottom to top approach to avoid mixing of wet hair with the dry ones.

  • Using the wrong type of hair brush

It’s all in the bristles and shape of the hairbrush you are using. While air blowing your air, only use round brushes with boar or nylon bristles. Do not use a brush with metal bristles as it heats up quickly and ends up damaging your hair.

  • Forgetting to apply the heat protector before blow drying

Not applying any heat protectant over your hair strands before air drying can also damage your hair. Apply or reapply the serum or thickening spray you are using even when blow drying the hair at your back. They are often left untouched. Work on your hair from mid-shaft to the ends first.

  • Your hair is towel wrapped for too long

Avoid wrapping your hair with a towel to stop the excess water from dripping, use a microfiber towel or a t-shirt instead. Wrap your hair just for a few minutes and then allow your hair to air dry for a while before blow drying them.

  • The air dryer is of poor quality

Among the ionic, ceramic and tourmaline hair dryers, you should choose the hair dryer according to your hair texture. For light hair, a ceramic hair dryer is enough and can provide the needed shine. For more powerful hair drying and for those with curly or coiled hair, ionic hair dryers are an ideal recommendation. They dry hair faster and reduce hair damage.

  • You threw away the concentrate nozzle attachment

Is this even a thing? Yes, it is. That nozzle attached to the front end of the hair dryer actually helps in balancing the heat and prevents the hair from direct heat. It lets the air to concentrate at a place and prevents hair damage. Hold the hair dryer facing downward for a better blowout.

  • Not cleaning your hair dryer

The back end of your hairdryer gets choked with dirt and debris that degrades the performance of your dryer. It will take longer than usual to dry your hair. Therefore, keep cleaning your hair dryer once in a while for a hassle-free experience.

That’s all, girls. Keep these important pointers in mind and flaunt healthy hair on the go.

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