8 Smart Tips to Make Your Home Ready For Fall

Fall is almost here and it is the right time to prepare your home accordingly. No matter how much we love the picturesque dried and falling leaves, the moment they start piling up, it can really make your home quite messy.

So here is a smart checklist for you that can help you in preparing your home ready for the fall.

1. Furnace filter replacement

Uncheck? First, let’s get started by fixing your furnace. Replace the furnace filter to ensure uninterrupted access to warmth this winter season. Get it done in the beginning so that you don’t face inconvenience later during the cold days.

2. Protect A/C compressor from falling icicles

Preparing your A/C compressor from cold does not imply covering the unit with some plastic material. The best-suggested method is to place a large piece of plywood over the top of the compressor to prevent it from the wrath of falling icicles and it’s good to go.

3. Dealing with chunks of snow

You already know how crazier it gets once the snow gets to its full action. Before it gets thicker and thicker and you start to lose the things under it, make sure you remove all the rocks, extension cords and other essentials that can pose difficulty for you. Mark your way already and charge your battery powered drill.

4. Roof and chimney inspection

Next, head on to your home’s roof and chimney to make sure you don’t end up living in a leaky home with water dripping all over your head. See any signs of rotting, missing shackles or anything that can pose to be a danger later.

5. Shut off the outside faucets

It’s better to shut off the faucets attached to the pipes that run along the exterior of your house. The snow-clogged faucets and pipes can lead to bursting or cracking which can prove to be a real danger for the property. This can be done by closing the water inlet once all the water has been drained down and thereby shutting down the faucet valve. Also, adding insulation outside the pipeline can be beneficial.

6. Get the water heater ready

You can extend the life of your water heater by simply devoting a few minutes to its maintenance. By cleaning the sediments from your water heater and such, you can enjoy uninterrupted hot water throughout the year.

7. Clean weep holes

Weep holes are small spaces provided in sliding windows as an outlet for draining water from them. Clean these weep holes with the help of garden hose to get them ready for snow.

8. Insulate the home

Insulate your home and reduce your heating bill to half. Watch out for any open vents and windows. DIY blanket installation can also help you out.

After following all this, we hope you are all ready to rock this fall!

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