8 Ways to Maintain Wellness in Autumn

Autumn is almost here! We are sure, you all love this weather as much as we do.

Finally, summer days are slowly beginning to make way for the winter chill, and everything is looking beautiful.

However, this transition can affect your health, especially because the days are shorter and there might be a sudden onset of cold weather. Therefore, take care of your health and enjoy autumn to the fullest with the tips given below!

  • Get your health check-up done

When the weather changes, you might find yourself suffering from cough and cold or you might even catch the flu! Avoid this by getting a complete health check-up and a flu shot so that you do not have to spend the season coughing and sneezing.

  • Pop up some vitamin D supplements

During autumn, the heat of the sun wanes and the chill sets in. You will not have much opportunity to soak up any sunshine, which means, your body’s Vitamin D intake will go down. The best way to assure that this does not affect your health is by taking some Vitamin D supplements.

  • Layer yourself properly

You might feel a pleasant warmth during the day but when evening falls, it’s bound to get chilly. Make sure to wear layers and scarves so that you do not catch a cold. Throw a coat over your regular clothes and wrap a scarf around your throat. If you are going out at night, then wear earmuffs or a knitted hat.

  • Keep your skin hydrated

As the temperature drops, the weather will become rather dry. This will definitely affect your skin. Remember to moisturize well and keep your skin hydrated at all times. Use a moisturizer that is specially formulated for winter months so that you can keep your skin protected.

  • Get creative

Autumn is a season for relaxing and unwinding. Changes in your surroundings slow down and you should too. The leaves slowly change colour before the trees turn bare and the change in the weather is tangible. Take some time off for yourself, and enjoy these changes. Create mood boards and start a bullet journal for the season. This is the perfect time to explore your creative side.

  • Indulge in seasonal produce

This is one of the ultimate ways of maintaining wellness. Have soups and sautéed seasonal vegetables, especially roots and dark green vegetables and don’t forget pumpkins! These along with spices like freshly ground turmeric and ginger are extremely nourishing.

  • Boost your immunity

You are more prone to fall sick during autumn when the weather changes. Boost your immunity by taking supplements and herbal remedies (like reishi mushrooms or passion flower) and drink lots of water.

  • Take proper rest

The days slowly begin to get shorter during autumn and this means that you need to adjust accordingly. It is very important to stay active but it is also necessary to get adequate rest. Make sure to get a lot of fresh air, and regulate your sleeping patterns according to the changing natural environment.

The Wrap Up

This is all that you need to do to take care of your health in autumn. Stay healthy!

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