Easy Ways to Stay Fit While in College

It is that time of the year again! New college, freshmen and tearful parents.

Starting your college translates to a new life, busy schedules, compromised fitness and lot of fun! But fret not! You can still manage to stay fit in your college with some smart tricks.

  • Keep your mini-fridge stocked up with all healthy stuff

If you have a mini-fridge in your dorm room, or if you happen to share one on your floor, it is highly recommended to keep it stocked with healthy staples like low-fat cheese, carrots, and peanut butter and so on.

  • Use opaque curtains to cover your dorm room windows

This might sound minimal to you, but light in your room can interfere with your ability to sleep. What’s more, lack of proper sleep is found to be associated with weight gain, and can also lead to hormonal imbalance while also inducing stress.

  • Ditch your laptop and phone at night

You might not have expected this coming, but the light from your digital gadgets, laptops, and mobiles, can keep you awake. Thus, it is highly recommended to avoid using screens one hour before bedtime.

If you need to wrap up your school work before sleeping, make sure that you work only with paper notes and books. Nevertheless, if you are addicted to scrolling Facebook before sleeping, make sure that you have switched your phone to night mode which will automatically adjust its light settings, and provide you with a nice brown tinted light which is also said to induce sleep.

  • Plan your workout routine around the class schedule

If you prefer working out in the morning, make sure that you play around and opt for classes that start a bit late. This way, you will be able to hit the gym before you get involved in the body college life.

Similarly, if you prefer late evening workouts, make sure that you drop by the gym on your way home.

  • Prefer walking over shuttle service

You might have a shuttle service between your farthest class and dorm room, or between your home and campus, but it is highly recommended to give it a pass, and instead choose to walk.

This way, you will be able to stay fit even without exercising. To be on a safer side, we will highly recommend you to ensure to walk a path which is well-lit, and if possible, ask your buddy to walk with you.

  • Do cardio while cramming

You might be busy, and at times, hitting gym is not possible, because you have to study. But how about cramming your notes while you are busy doing cardio? This is how multitasking could help you in staying fit, while also improving your memory.

  • Make sure that you stop by the salad bar first at the buffer

Start with the healthiest foods first, this way, you won’t have space left for unhealthy stuff. This is one trick which works wonders and would prevent you from trashing yourself with unhealthy food. Essentially, choose to go for vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and so on.

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