Is Permanent Makeup A Real Thing?

Permanent makeup has been making headlines for quite a long time now!

So what is it? We will find out this and much more here in this article!

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoos are essentially micro pigment implantations, which might seem similar to tattoos but are actually a bit different from them. The ink that is used for tattoos is not used in case of permanent makeup.

In permanent makeup, much gentler dyes are used, especially to avoid any harsh allergic reactions. There are several kinds of permanent makeup and they are eyeliner, eyebrow makeup, lip liner, and lipstick. The eyeliner in permanent makeup can be applied on the eyelid as well as on the waterline and for the lip color options, there can be a combination of liner and lipstick.

Now, the Burning Question is Exactly How Permanent is Permanent Makeup?

Well, this depends on the quality of the products used and even then, after a long period, permanent cosmetic tattoos start to fade. However, calling it “permanent” makeup is actually correct since the color will not completely disappear, but the quality of the pigment might not remain as good as it was when first applied.

But having stated that, it is also not true that permanent makeup cannot be removed from the skin. That can be done quite easily using laser tattoo removal technology.

Is Permanent Makeup and Cosmetic Surgery Same?

Permanent makeup is not similar to cosmetic surgery and while it can enhance appearances, it is not the same as getting fillers or having surgery done. However, similar to tattoos, in permanent makeup, the pigment is spread underneath the first layer of skin with the help of a needle.

After the initial application, several appointments have to be made in the following three months, to check the healing process and the effect of the pigment. Another important thing that should be remembered is that permanent makeup when first applied, might appear dark, but it will not look fake and is often blended into the skin to give it a very natural finish.

So, Should You Go For It?

While discussing how permanent this type of makeup is, it is important to realize the reasons due to which someone might decide to go for permanent makeup. This will also help in determining how long-lasting permanent makeup actually is.

Given below are a few of the reasons.

  • Your skin might be sensitive to traditional cosmetic products and to avoid allergies and breakouts, permanent makeup is a good solution.
  • You might have mobility/dexterity problems and this does not make it easy to put on makeup every day. In such cases, permanent makeup puts an end to the troubles.
  • You might have very busy schedules and they have no spare time to apply makeup. Permanent makeup can save up a lot of time, especially since it needs no touching up.
  • Permanent makeup is also, at times, used to cover up certain marks on skin like scars, enhance beauty spots or even fill out the thinning eyebrows.

Keeping in mind all the aforementioned reasons, permanent makeup does actually live up to its name for if it does not do so, then its basic purposes would not be fulfilled.  

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