Life Hacks That Will Make Your Summer Breezier

Summer is finally here! Don’t go down while summer heat is going up. Prepare yourself for beach days, popsicles, fancy drinks, sunscreen, and BBQs ahead.

Beat the heat with these amazing hacks and make your summer breezier:

  • Stay hydrated! Drink more water!

This is one recommendation you need to stick with throughout the year, but even more in summer. Sweating causes dehydration, so keep sipping water all day long. Learn to love the taste of water and you will be much more comfortable in refilling your glass.

  • Hard to fall asleep?

It’s hard to fall asleep when the body temperature is high. Bring down the temperature of your room by hanging a damp sheet near the window or you can hang slightly wet curtains. Hot air will turn into a cooling stream after passing through this arrangement. You can also try sleeping on top of a wet sheet.

  • Know your body’s cooling points.

Chill the hot water bottle. Place some ice cubes in a hot water bag and place it below ankles or knees before you sleep. This will help you get tight sleep during summer. Know your body’s cooling points and apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel to cool down quickly.

  • Optimize your fan.

Put a glass of ice water or a frozen water bottle in front of your window fan. This will generate a cooler breeze and help you beat the heat inside your house. Make sure the ceiling fan is running counter-clockwise for optimum cooling.

  • The looser, the better.

Wear loose clothes like shirts and pajamas or a flowy maxi instead of a tank and shorts. The lesser the fabric will touch your body, the more comfortable you will feel. Choose light colors over dark.

  • Style with a Scarf.

Use a cotton scarf to keep the hair away. You can get an extra cooling kick by soaking your scarf in water before you put it around.

  • Cover up your skin.

Direct sunlight will not only damage your skin but it will raise your body temperature as well. Be friends with sleeves and protect your arms.

  • Chill your beauty products.

Store some of your beauty products like lotion, toner, moisturizer, eye cream in the refrigerator. This will not only cool you down but keeping your products in refrigerator also increases the shelf life of the products.

  • DIY ice pack.

Make your own ice pack by soaking a sponge in water and freezing it. Put it in a storage bag so that when you apply, water melts inside the bag instead of dripping over the place.

  • Substitute coffee.

Substitute your coffee breaks with healthy natural drinks like vegetable juices, fruit juices, tender coconut water, buttermilk, etc. This will keep your body and stomach cool.

  • Mist yourself.

Add a few drops of peppermint extract to a glass full of water. Feel refreshed by spraying it on your face when you feel hot.

Try these amazing hacks and have a happy refreshing, soothing summer time.

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