Spring Fashion Trends You Need To Stick To This Year

Spring calls out for a lot of fun. Ideally, it is the best season of the year wherein you can explore the real fashionista in you, and try out a range of hues, experiment with a range of styles and look your best.

In this article, let’s talk about five spring fashion trends that would refresh your style game!

  • You cannot go wrong with dark denim

A pair of dark denim is what you need to stand out this spring. Spring has so far become synonymous to lighter shades of denim and this is the right time to break this stereotype and look different this spring.

Grab a pair of dark denim and couple it with striped and floral tops, and you are all set to make the heads turn!

  • Embrace the beauty of patterns

Its spring and it makes sense to display floral patterns, plaids, polka dot, stripes, checks and a lot more. Probably, spring cannot be complete without showcasing these classy looks, and this is perhaps why this style remains one of the hottest, year after year!

  • Fringe

We are completely in love with the fringes, and this is not going to end anytime soon. From flaunting fringed hem on jeans to a fringes accent on a handbag, fringes are our all-time favorite.

How about flaunting fringes this spring season too? Sounds like a plan, no?

  • Say hello to the trench coat

No matter its color, whether it be khaki, tan, camel, black or pastel, the trench coat is one amazing accessory which we cannot go over with. This is perhaps why the trench coat still; remains a popular accessory among fashion bloggers and is a key component to many designers’ collections.

Simply throw it up over your floral dress, or flaunt it on a pair of jeans and t-shirt, a trench coat will always provide you with a well-polished look.

  • Lavender is the new love

Shades of pink and red are already mainstream, and lavender is what is capturing everyone’s attention. Scroll through your Instagram feed and you will get what we mean.

Lavender is the unofficial color of the season. Whether it be a blouse, handbag or a dress, you perhaps cannot go wrong with lavender.

However, if you are not a big fan of pastel colors, how about going bright with red? The choice is yours.

Your Turn

The best part of spring is that you can experiment and play with it, and flaunt a range of colors and fabrics without any second thoughts.

So how are you going to style yourself this spring? Sound off in the comments below!

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