6 Tips For New Runners

Are you new at running and want to master the art? Before you lace up your shoes, go through the below-mentioned tips for new runners which will make you love running all the more.

1. Run for small intervals

Don’t exhaust yourself on the very first day by running the whole distance in a go. As a new runner, you should break down your running sessions into small intervals.

You can also walk in between to catch your breath when running gets too hard. Increase a minute after every running interval till you excel at running the distance without walking.

2. Don’t run too fast

Your body isn’t used to handling the stress of running. Don’t start running too fast from the very starting as this will exhaust you in a few minutes. Start running with a normal pace.

Even racers start off by running at a slow pace initially for long distance races. Save your energy by running at a moderate pace and give time to your body to get used to the change.

3. Give your body time to recover

Enjoyed your first run first day and ready to head out again the next day? Well, wait for a little. Give time to your cardiovascular system to adapt to changes and relax your muscles and bones for the next run. For this, you should wait for a day or two before your next workout.

4. Take short steps

Running is an art. It’s not easy if you are not doing is right. Try to be a smart runner, in a good form, take short and small steps instead of long strides. This way, you will be able to run more swiftly and cover more distance without getting tired easily.

5. Not to eat much before running

Side aches while running are quite common. To avoid them, it is advised not to eat prior to running. Also, drink liquids in small quantities. In case, ache does strike, stop jogging and walk for a while. Press your hand against the side it aches and take a relaxed and calm breath. Don’t run until the pain subsides.

6. Choose the right surface to run

It is a common thought as to what is the ideal surface to run on. A mix of all the surfaces is the best and further depends on the purpose of your running. Some of the surfaces you can run on are:

  • Pavement: it is the most common space for joggers and actually even best for fast running. However, don’t be too hard on it to twist your ankle. Just be your normal-self and you will be good.
  • Forest or park floor: It is soft and provides easy cushioning. However, be careful of rocks, bumps, and roots.
  • Sandy surface: It is best for working up your calf muscles but make sure that you do not overdo.
  • Treadmill: it is best for all the year round running. However, it is a bit different from normal running as it involves moving over the belt beneath your feet.

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