Taking Care of Your Health This Spring

Spring is finally here! It is the right time to get rid of your bad health habits which you might have picked up in the winter.

It is the right time to recharge your mind and body and welcome the new season. Here is what you need to know about.

  • How about gardening?

This might sound a bit off topic and weird to you at first, but you should actually get in the garden. Gardening would not only make your personal space look beautiful, but this simple activity could also burn 250-350 calories in an hour.

To get the best results, do gardening thrice a week for at least an hour. Indulge yourself in activities like mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and so on. However, rotate your task every 20 minutes so that your major muscle groups receive an equal workout and none of them is overstrained.

  • Know that it is the allergy season

If you are prone to developing allergies, and sneezes as the weather starts getting warmer, it is highly recommended to stock up on your allergy medications. You should essentially see your doctor and get the nasal steroids prescribed.

  • Become an early bird

This is specifically for you if you are a night owl. Studies have revealed that people who wake up earlier are comparatively healthier than night owls. Thus, take good advantage of the morning light, get moving and have your much-needed dose of vitamin D. What’s more, this will also keep you away from depression.

  • Eat seasonal foods

While enjoying foods from different seasons might sound tempting, it is always best to consume in-season produce, whether it be fruits, flowers, eggs, and the likes.

  • Get moving

Lunchtime? How about having a walk? This would not only help you appreciate the beauty of the spring and let you enjoy the smell of daffodils, but a walk will also keep you moving and would boost your health.

  • Change your pillows

It is recommended to change your pillows every 5 years. This is because, after five years, the ten percent of your pillow’s weight comprises of pollen fungi, mold, and bacteria and so on. It is highly recommended to cover your pillows with proper protective covers to seal out any allergens, and also wash them weekly.

  • Your makeup drawer needs cleaning too

Let’s admit, cosmetics do expire! Thus, similar to your medicine stash, your cosmetic need cleaning too. Expel out your blusher, concealer, and tube of mascara which you have been using for long and can’t remember when you bought it.

This will keep you protected from any sort of bacterial infections and breakouts.

Your Turn

Spring is the best time to recharge yourself and appreciate the beauty of nature. Take the right steps ahead, and keep yourself fit to be able to make the most out of this amazing season!

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