5 Habits of Radically Authentic Leaders

Do you want to inculcate leadership qualities within you? Are you stuck and have no idea about how to start?

Well, we have got your back! Authentic leaders are accountable for everything whether good or bad, and leave no stone unturned when it comes to supporting their teams and thinking out of the box.

Here are a few positive habits of radically authentic leaders that you should learn from:

1. Their decisions are based on their values

Authentic leaders believe in their decisions and their ideas and are not sidetracked by what others believe and say. Their decision is guided by their persistent set of thoughts and their core values which make them confident and no one can shake their line of thoughts.  

People tend to sway the leader’s decisions for their own benefit, however, the leader who doesn’t shakes by what others have to say turns out to be the best.

2. Being Honest and assertive in communication

Radically authentic leaders are transparent and keep others informed of what they think, feel and believe. Being honest and assertive are the two main ingredients of communication.

An assertive communication brings out the clarity in thoughts and develops a system for others to believe you. Being assertive and confident while communicating is important, or else, people would find to hard believe you if you shows signs of fallaciousness and pretentions in your communication.

3. Their self-esteem  is above all

Respecting yourself makes others respect you. Authentic leaders are full of self-esteem when making their decisions such that they don’t need the validation of others.

Their thought process might be different from other people but they do what they think is right. Due to the immense amount of self-respect and high confidence, they have the ability to work under extreme pressure and this is what makes them great leaders.

4. Welcome other’s opinions and thoughts

The great leaders create an atmosphere where people are not afraid of sharing their opinions. The authentic leaders understand that they must hear and analyze the opinions of others, know their ideas and pay heed to their thoughts.

Encouraging others ideas and feelings brings about dynamism and a feeling of being acknowledged. Authentic leaders know the importance of this fact better.

5. They cater to strong relationships

Authentic leaders know that maintaining a strong relationship with their teammates is important to achieve high goals. They know that they won’t achieve anything working alone.

They all are a part of a network and each of the team members needs to cater the requirements and rely on inside and outside forces to achieve goals. Therefore, a great leader is more focused towards building and strengthening strong relationships.

Thus, if you want to be a great leader, you should lead by your values, trust others and do what is right in spite of the criticism.

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