Why Physical Appearance Matters

Looks matter…

More importance is now given to the way we look, more than anything else. We live in a world today where not only your looks matter, so does your physical appearance.

Appearances matter in real life and anyone, who tells you otherwise does not live in the real world. You are judged by the physical signals you send with your appearance.

While looking presentable does not mean following the latest fashion or makeup trends, it does mean that our basic appearance should be well-taken care of. Here’s what people look at when they see you for the first time:

  1. Your Face
  2. Your Clothes
  3. Your Shoes
  4. Your Hair

Before people get a chance to know you or to decide on whether they love or hate your personality, they are already judging you based on your physical appearance. With the birth of social media, you are not only judged by the people you meet, but you are also judged by random strangers online.

While you can buy clothes, shoes and get a good hairstyle, you cannot buy good skin. You either have good skin or you don’t. Unfortunately, most people around the world do not have the luxury of having clear and spotless skin. But, somehow when you step out with a visible skin condition, you are received with harsh looks, especially if you are an adult with acne.

If you have a visible skin issue on your face, it is like going through a neverending battle with your skin. Due to people’s perception of you, you are ready to go through anything to treat your skin issue. This explains why many people with visible skin issues spent a lot of money treating their skin.

In 2018, it was reported that Americans spent nearly $17 billion on skin treatments to make their skin look great. Some of these treatments were for the purpose of removing blemishes, combat wrinkles, moisturize, regenerate, tighten and beautify the skin.

With the rising scrutiny on our physical appearance, there is an even higher pressure to look good compared to 10 years ago. We are all becoming more body conscious than ever!

As a result of this, it is hard for anyone with a visible skin issue to live in the current society where you are not only judged, but also scrutinized based on your skin problem.

This is exactly why Evanesce New York has a Facebook Group to help all those, who are suffering from any skin issue, come together and support each other through this constant skin battle. It is not an easy world out there, which is why we can all do with the support from others going through the same thing.

In this Facebook Group, get access to a gold mine of beauty advice and recommendations. Explore and learn about the exciting world of skincare.
Share ideas and tips with others, building and forging bonds across continents.

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