Everything You Need to Know About Overnight Face Masks

If you have not yet believed in beauty sleep, you will start believing now.

Rush and catch all your missing Zzzs and get an instant glow on your face with overnight face masks!

For starters, overnight face masks, are masks which are applied before going to bed in the night and washed off the next day in the morning. Let us tell you – this is the new sizzling trend in beauty, all thanks to South Korea. Yes, the trend has its roots in South Korea and has taken the world by storm since then.

But as with any trend, there is a lot of confusion and chaos prevalent. How should you use an overnight mask? What are the qualities of a good mask and so on?

Girls, do not worry. We have got you covered!

What is a Sleep Mask, Anyway?

In simple words, these are the masks which are left on your skin overnight. Undoubtedly, there is a significant difference between commonly used sheet masks and clay masks which need to be washed off after a few minutes. The sleeping masks, as the name indicates, are meant for sleeping with the mask on, and contain certain formulas and elements which improve your skin condition by addressing your specific skin issues.

Are They Any Beneficial?

This is the most important aspect. Trends come and go, but what determines their utility is if they are any beneficial. Sleep masks come with their own set of benefits as well.

Although sleep masks are designed to help you get over certain skin conditions. But they in one way or the other, work towards a common goal, and that is to provide enough hydration to your skin.

The sleep mask, in addition to hydrating and moisturizing your skin perfectly well, also locks in other products that the mask contains overnight.

Since these masks create a seal over your skin, it facilitates easy absorption of products. Do not worry, they are not as rich as the night creams, and so, your expensive satin pillowcases won’t be damaged at all.

What is The Right Way to Use a Sleep Mask?

The best practice to use a sleep mask is to apply them after cleansing and exfoliating your skin properly. Ideally, wear your serums and essences before covering your face with the mask. This would help in easy absorption of the beneficial compounds.

To gain the best results, you should use these masks at least twice or thrice a week. Also, if you live at a place with a drier climate, you might even consider using them to keep your skin hydrated properly.

What Makes a Great Sleep Mask?

To be able to extract the most out of a sleep mask, it is highly recommended to choose a mask which addresses your skin concerns. Thus, if you want to get rid of acne marks, you should look for a sleep mask that has ingredients to help with marks and blemishes removal.

So, all set? Got any queries? Write to us in the comments below.

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