How to Do Inflight Skincare While Travelling Home For the Holidays?

The holiday season is all about traveling and having fun. However, not all is great about traveling. Undoubtedly, it exposes your skin to the dry and cold air that flows from the plane vents and cracks your skin apart.

Necessarily, in cold season your skin is anything but dry. Additionally, all this travelling takes a toll on your skin. But we’re here to your rescue. Here are some of the skin care tips that can keep your skin healthy inflight and through the whole journey.

1. Wipe off your surroundings

Even a speck of dust can affect your delicate skin. Therefore, it’s better to keep your surroundings clean and tidy. It is highly recommended to wipe off the seats, tray table, and the window nearby your seating area in the flight with an antibacterial wipe. This certainly may look odd to do, but actually, it is a must. Also, you should keep makeup wipes and hand sanitizer handy with you to ensure proper cleanliness.

2. Apply your sheet face mask

The second in-flight skincare trick is to keep your skin hydrated all day long with your sheet face mask. The cold, dry air can make your face dehydrated and feel stretchy all day. To keep the moisture locked in and let not the dry air from vents soak up all your face moisture, wear a face sheet mask to keep your skin fresh and cool.

3. Try on facial mists

What? Have you not used them or heard about them yet? Well, wait no more. Facial mists are the magic potion that your skin needs. They are highly effective in keeping your skin calm, full of life and hydrated. Plus, the smell of facial mists is so earthly that they provide you good scent all day long. And smelling good should definitely be in your priority list while travelling. There are travel facial mists available from various brands that are perfectly sized for carrying around in your travel makeup pouch.

4. Take care of your lips

Those chapped lips are the most dreadful of all. The feeling of having soft lips is lost inflight due to the lack of moisture. Also, it’s really unacceptable when you are going to meet your loved ones and put a peck on their cheeks. Like who wanna be kissed and pampered with dry cracky lips? Thus, it’s highly important to keep using your lip balm and not let your lips lose their originality.

5. Drink lots and lots of water

You are not hearing this for the first time, right? Drinking water is the easiest and best you can do for your skin. While travelling, drinking water isn’t only essential for keeping your skin glowing, but it also keeps you energetic and going. Also, drinking water makes your skin fully prepared against post-travelling repercussions. So, make sure you don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated from the fear of peeing again and again. Also, don’t hesitate to call your flight attendant every time you need water. The best way is to carry your own refillable water bottle with you.

These were some of the in-flight skincare tips to follow.

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