Lazy-Girl Ways to Make Your Sweatpants and Tees Fashion

Ahh, waking up early in the morning is no less an unachievable feat.

You have already snoozed your alarm clock five times now. It’s already 7 am, and you have no idea how you are going to attend your class at 7.30am. Oh, you want to have breakfast too. And, definitely, do not have any time to get dressed.

Well, the struggle is real. So, you just decide to go with sweatpants and tees. However, you do not like to look boring. Do you? We have got your back! If you don’t have enough time to find something else or spend more time in dressing up, here are some amazing ways through which you can convert your classic lazy-girl staples into something that is not only trendy but comfortable too.

  • Look stylish with a crop top
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How about pairing a crop top with your black jogger? This relaxed look is a perfect go-to option to a class or library study session. You can further amp up your look by going with a more vibrant color-block style, similar to what this blogger has done, and we’re sure you will rock!

A jean jacket is one adorable product which can help you upgrade or downgrade your look on the go. If you are in a fix, laundry is not done, and you don’t have many options to explore, simply layer yourself with a light-washed jean jacket with your sweatpants and a quoted tee.

Rest assured, this would save your day and you won’t definitely look as if you just rolled out from the bed.

  • Boho chic, no matter what
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Boho skirts are so vibrant and dynamic that they can make you look dressy just instantly, obviously, depending on how you style them. If you have to sit for hours in a lecture, just pair them with a t-shirt and you are good to go.

Essentially, if you want to make a bit of statement, we will recommend you to pair them with basic t-shirts, in the shades of white.

They are not only super comfy but you can also jazz them a bit by adding statement jewelry pieces, a hat and a pair of funky slippers.

  • Bodycon skirts, without a doubt

The best part of bodycon skirts is that they can be paired with almost any top. Even if you pair them with a t-shirt, they can still transform your entire look instantly, without making you look dressy or under-dressed at the same time.

These styles do not cost you a bomb, are pretty easy to follow, and you will agree with us that they can make you look stylish – just in a few minutes.

Try these, experiment a little, and you’re done. You will no longer need to compromise with your style, going forward!

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