Dry Skin? Try These Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Skin Nourished During the Winters

Winter is back and so is the dryness, itchiness, and redness on our body and face. If you feel that your skin is screaming these days, you are not alone.

But the real struggle is figuring out how to keep the skin moisturized? Should you change your skin products? Or drink more water? Add in supplements and oils? You’re likely to get different answers based on what people are trying to sell, but we are here to your rescue.

Have a look at our recommendations, and then provide your skin with some respite.

  • Say no to chemical moisturizers

And opt for natural alternatives, including the likes of coconut oil, butter, olive oil, milk, yoghurt, and others. Yoghurt hydrates your skin wonderfully, while milk and butter are known for softening it. Honey comes loaded with the goodness of anti-oxidants and makes your skin soft and smooth.

  • Upgrade your makeup

Winter demands a complete revamp of your makeup stash. Make efforts and pick up the best hydrating foundation and tinted lip balms to keep your skin and lips moisturized. While applying blush, it is better to go for a cream-based product to lock your skin’s softness.

Further, steer clear from makeup products like powder, foundation, mousse and the likes which provide your skin with a flaky and cakey appearance.

  • Shower properly

The way you bath in winters play an important role in avoiding dryness. First things first, make sure that the water is not too hot, or else it will leave your skin dry. Next, minimize your bath time to limit the skin exposure to water and air.

To lock in the skin moisture, it is highly recommended to massage your skin with coconut oil, olive oil or milk while your skin is still wet. Adding a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil to your bath water also works wonders.

  • Petroleum jelly to the rescue

If you have combination skin or have a few patches wherein skin tends to get dry, products like Aquaphor and Vaseline can help you out. Apply the product onto the affected area before going to sleep.

You should pay special attention to the bottoms of your feet and palm as the skin is a bit tight in these areas due to the absence of sebaceous glands which play an important role in lubricating our skin.

  • Use a humidifier

Your environment could also play a culprit, at times, without you even realizing it. If you feel that your skin is especially dry when you wake up in the morning, using a humidifier can help here. Our heating systems keep us warm, but also suck in the moisture from the environment which has an adverse effect on our skin. Using a humidifier could restore the moisture back in the air, thus keeping your skin healthy.

  • Follow healthy habits

In addition to the steps mentioned above, you can also take care of your skin by sticking to some healthy habits. Eat a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables. Apply moisturizer twice a day. Avoid using harsh soaps.

So, are you all set to flaunt a healthy-looking skin?

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