7 Simple Tips for Dressing Stylish this Winter

If you are not a pant-girl, you would surely understand the feeling of missing out on cute and breezy dresses. But what are you supposed to do when its cold outside and a dress would not just help it?

Letting your poor knees shiver in the freezing cold is being too harsh for them. Okay, lets not talk about frost bites.

So should you let your style struggle due to cold? Definitely not! Here are bloggers-approved simple tips for dressing this winter.

  • We’re in love with long-sleeve turtlenecks

You will agree with us that turtlenecks are both classy and chic at the same time. So, how about pairing them with a shift dress? This will not only make you look stylish but would also keep you warm in the cold weather.

For a more happening look, pair it with crisp accessories like booties and a bag!

  • Under the sweater

Do not put your favourite slip dresses to hibernation during winter, and wait for the summer to be able to wear them again. Instead, simply, layer an oversized swearer on top and pair the entire assemble with boots.

  • Pair a midi sweater dress with a long coat

Who doesn’t love midi sweater dress? We all do. One of their best parts is that they keep your warm, protected and cozy while keeping you wrapped up from top to bottom.  

  • Match your hat to your coat

If you have always felt awkward in wearing hat, here is a tip for you: match your beanie to your coat. Believe us, it will look like a perfect ensemble.

Winter hats are an indispensable accessory. You often need them to protect your ears from chilly winds outside. Thankfully, you can now protect yourself while also looking stylish and chic at the same time with this simple trick.

  • When in doubt

If you are in doubt, and not sure how to style yourself – here are our two cents – go with black, white and camel without any second thought. Layer yourself with these colors, and we assure you, you will definitely look stylish. The only thing you need to take care of is that your whites should be true white and blacks should be black.

  • Over the knee boots to the rescue

If you want to feel warm and stylish, all at the same time, there could be no better way to do that than to wear knee length boots. Wear a dress that is just above the top of the boot and layer it with a coat or jacket that is of similar length.

You’re ready to rock!

  • With faux fur accents

There is probably nothing that could make you feel more wintery and cozy than faux fur. Pair your fur vest with your favorite dress. Complete your look with tights and boots, and you are good to sip your hot cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Thank us later!

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