How to Survive a New Year’s Hangover?

The best you can do to survive a new year’s hangover is to go by the rule, “Prevention is better than cure”. A hangover has no sure cure and you are likely to wake up with a headache and painful morning. However, you can minimize the effect by following certain survival tips.

  • Make your body alcohol ready

Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Load yourself with a fat and protein-rich meal before jumping on to alcohol. Also, keep up with the snacks through the night and day as this would lessen the absorption of alcohol. This will also help you in keeping the sugar levels in check.

Eating bananas after getting drunk could also help you in alleviating the situation, all thanks to the presence of potassium, fructose, and antacids in them. They are known for reducing the effect of a hangover by preventing headache, nausea and additionally, they calm the blood vessels in the process.

  • Drink lots of water

One of the keys to overcoming hangover is to keep your body hydrated. Moreover, drinking water will help you get rid of the toxins and will prevent the alcohol from overpowering you. You can also choose to drink other liquids like sports drinks and alike.

  • Keep dark chocolate with you

Eating dark chocolate helps you in keeping the sugar levels in check, facilitates easy digestion of alcohol and eliminates the effect of toxins. Chocolate will prevent the brain cells from the effects of alcohol on them.

  • Walk before heading to bed

We know you may just feel like falling heads down on your bed, but that’s what you should avoid. You may surely be feeling tipsy and dizzy and will feel like the world is spinning too fast, a long walk in such a situation is good before directly going to bed.

You are not required to walk a long way but just walking around, eating a banana and drinking lots of water before going to bed will help a lot in the morning for which you will thank us.

  • The strict DO’s and DON’T’s of the night

Heading on to how to make the New Year’s night enjoyable without letting you curse about it. Here are some of the things you should avoid drinking. Don’t go for darker alcoholic drinks like whiskey, red wine, and bourbon. They contain more toxic chemicals that can make it really bad for you. If you feel like getting on the start of a hangover, drink a bottle of Gatorade, Powerade, and Sprite instead to alleviate the symptoms.

Don’t forget to take an anti-inflammatory painkiller like Avil, Aspirin or Aleve before going to bed.

Why wait for someone else to be your guardian angel and save you in the morning? You yourself can help you the best, so take good care of yourself.

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