Amazing Christmas Décor Ideas That Deserve a Try

Amazing Christmas Décor Ideas That Deserve a Try

Christmas is almost here, and this is the right time to take your creative side out and have fun with DIY Christmas décor. If you are still unsure about what to do, and what not, we just got you covered!

In here, we will look at some of the easy to try DIY Christmas décor ideas that are easy to try and follow. 

1. Explore the doorways

This year, let’s begin our Christmas day’s décor with a well-designed door. Undoubtedly, our doorways are some of the most boring places of our house. Let’s do a quick revamp.

Use stickers to make the doors look delightful. You can choose to go with stickers with natural themes to cover the blankness of the door. A door mural self-adhesive paper should work fine, and will also make your small space look bigger.

2. Be minimal with living room

A living room is a personal space where you and your family spend most of your time. It is necessary that it is cozy, comfortable, well-decorated and beautiful. Avoid making too much decoration as that will just spoil the purpose.

We suggest you to throw some Christmas-themed cushions, light some candles and switch on the Christmas music.

3. Do not ignore the bedroom

Do not ignore your bedroom when it comes to Christmas décor. However, it is highly recommended to put your best foot forward.

Use dim colors to induce sleep. Put Christmas bells and stars to add the ‘feels’ and ‘vibes’ to your room, as in this picture!

4. Flaunt Your Christmas tree in the Window

Place your Christmas tree near the window of a room. The tall and slim Christmas tree glancing from the window not only makes it look beautiful but when seen from the window, it also replicates the love and warmth and inspires the others.

5. How about making ice lanterns?

Create amazing offbeat ice lanterns in your freezer. Simply fill plastic cartons with water and place them into freezer, making sure that there is enough space left in between to keep a candle. You can do so by inserting a prop in between. Your DIY candle is ready!

6. Craft an upholstered banner

Probably, your Christmas décor is incomplete without a home-crafted Christmas greeting banner. How about this DIY upholstered holiday banner. All you need to do is trace and cut letters both on a cardboard and upholstery fabric (enough to cover the letters on cardboard). Paste the fabric on the cardboard, and stick the arrangement on a ribbon or string.

You’re all set to welcome your guests with a zing!

7. Sparkle it up!

How cool do these jars look? They surely look expensive at first glance but they are just glitter and glue.

You can craft them cheap by applying glue and glitter to the insides of an empty jar. Next, place a candle or some fairly lights inside, and get ready to experience the magic!

So, which one of these tricks are you going to try?

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