Romantic Date Ideas Beyond TV and Take-Out

A great meal in a fancy restaurant and some exotic drinks surely sounds great for the first date, but with the passage of time, this ideal idea of dating starts staling. This is when you need to become a bit creative and keep things back in their order to keep your relationship going.

Check out this list of romantic and fun date ideas which would help you in getting started!

  • Bon appetite

Foodie? We’re sure; you both would love to explore different cuisines in a bunch of restaurants.
Wait no more and get set to splurge and treat your partner with exotic cocktails and appetizers.
Be adventurous and try something both of you have never tried before!


  • Ride in a hot air balloon

Make it a special event.
Simply feel on top of the world with your beloved, and forget all your worries.


  • Wander a bookstore

There cannot be a better date idea than this one.
All you need to do is head on straight to a bookstore and pick something from a genre you don’t usually read.
Find a corner and just enjoy the quiet time together.


  • Head on to couples spa session

Guys can feel a bit intimidated by this idea, but believe us, once you get there; you’re surely going to thank us.
Visit a spa and sign up for a couple’s massage or a hot oil bath and pamper yourselves together.


  • Grab photos

There probably would be a place in your city which you both individually love. Visit that place and spend an entire day exploring and showing your partner your favourite place.
Take photos during the date.
This for sure is going to make tons of memories.


  • Go stargazing

What could be more romantic than sitting together on a starry night?
Grab some light food and a warm blanket or two and cuddle up with your sweetheart while star gazing and cherish the moments.


  • Get competitive

Compete with your partner in any game that you master like a chess or the PS4, and enjoy your time.
After all, competition is sexy, no?


  • Hike together

Do you both love nature?
Well, going on a hike together can be the best date idea.
It would not only relax you out, but the challenge on the trail will bring you both closer together.


  • Reminisce

Bring your baby photos and old kid pictures.
Go through them together and have fun.
Share your experiences and memories.

  • Cook together

Not everyone is good at cooking, but if you both are great fans of the culinary arts, you surely are going to love this one!
Experiment and try new recipes in the kitchen together.
Whatever you make, you can end the night with dining in candlelight.

  • Go to a carnival

Window shopping, rides, carnival food, games, and selfies?
Sounds like a great time already!

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