Easy Ways To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Never take your eye makeup lightly. Your eyes talk and can either make or break your look.

Undoubtedly, there is a range of makeup accessories available right from eyeliner to mascara, eyeshadow, highlight, and contour and using each one of them can be quite confusing.

Not anymore. We have here lined up a few must-try ways which would make your eyes pop almost instantly.

Let’s see how.

  • Line it well

Do you have a sudden date, and you need to make your eyes pop? If you are not a pro at makeup, we can understand how hard it is to get your eyeliner on point. So, the cheat code here is to first line your eyes with a pencil liner as it is much easier to draw a straight line with it.

Once done, draw the line again with a liquid liner. It would be much easier now as you already have a rough line to color around. And the result would be a well-lined, smudge free and on point liner.

  • Take an ice cube, baby!

A Sunday brunch can be little chaotic especially when you wake up just half an hour before the scheduled time. We totally get you when your eyes sting badly and you are not sure if it due to wine or because you slept so much. But, whatever it is, you can always have an ice cube to your rescue.

Simply take an ice bag and rub it gently on your eyes. The result? Fresh eyes!

  • Open up your eyes

Make your eyes pop instantly by lining the inside rim of your lower eyelid with a white eye pencil. This is because white eyeliner creates an illusion and makes your eyes look bigger.

  • Hide it all easily!

Heading to a beach and want to look picture perfect? Well, did you hide the dark circles? Dark circles make your skin look dull and gloomy. Further, they also make your eyes look smaller.

Solution? Grab your concealer and brighten up your eyes by blending it seamlessly. However, make sure that you do it smartly by picking a shade that is one shade lighter and warmer than your actual skin tone.

  • Curl it up

Don’t underestimate the power of curling your eyelashes. This 3-second task can add definition to your eyes by making your eyelashes longer. If you don’t have an eyelash curler, use your spoon for curling purposes.

All you need to do is rinse a spoon with warm water. Dry it off and place the edge of the spoon on the top of your eyelashes, gradually applying pressure, and the end result – fabulous!

  • Sparkle the color

You can even make your eyes pop by applying the eyeshadow in the right way. All you need to is use a damp and warm brush while applying eyeshadow. This will add intensity to your eyes and make your eyes look vibrant, by imparting a dewy look.

So, all-set to make heads turn?

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