What Your Food Cravings Are Saying!

We have all experienced  the sudden food cravings.
Times where we are willing to drive a few miles just to eat some dark chocolate or maybe a burger.

As a matter of fact, there is a significant difference between hunger and cravings. This is because hunger is associated with stomach, while craving, on the other hand, is controlled by the brain. This is perhaps why food cravings might differ from person to person.

Why Knowing Your Food Craving is Important?

It is important to understand your food cravings to know your body better. Food cravings often signal what is missing in our diet. And thus, we crave for different food at different times.

You tend to have food cravings due to stress, boredom, loneliness, low blood sugar levels, dopamine levels and low serotonin levels, and this indicates a lot.

Knowing what your food cravings are trying to tell you can protect you from eating unhealthily.

Here is the complete list of the most common food cravings, the nutrients that are lacking in your diet and what other food you can take instead:

  • Sugar

Chromium is the nutrient responsible for sugar cravings. Eating processed sugar and carbohydrates can lead to a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. As a result, the body releases insulin in order to deal with this.

Now, when you have balanced low blood sugar levels, resulting insulin increase in your body is the reason you feel like grabbing something sweet.
However, as a healthier option, you can eat whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, greens, and fruits.

  • Salt

Chloride deficiency and the fluctuations in the stress hormone levels are the main reasons why you crave for salty dishes.
Different healthy foods like celery, leafy greens and tomato can be taken to end craving. Meditation and breathing exercises are helpful as well.

  • Chocolate

80% of people lack magnesium in their diet.
The never-ending urge of eating chocolates is due to lack of magnesium in your diet. Eating grains, nuts, seeds beans, greens, fruit, are a good way to counter magnesium problems.

  • Fried food

Carbon deficiency makes you crave for fried food.
Fresh fruits can be consumed to come over this craving.

  • Cheese

Essential fatty acids deficiency and calcium deficiency is the reason behind your urge to eat cheesy food.
Flax oil, chia seeds, walnuts, Sesame seeds, legumes, mustard and turnip greens are best to break through and stay healthy.

  • Coffee or Tea

You might crave for a coffee or a tea due to sulfur and phosphorus deficiency. Cranberries, carob powder, garlic, onion, pumpkin seeds, Brazil nuts, lentil can be consumed to overcome this.

  • Chicken and meat

Your body lacks iron and zinc when your body craves for meat.
Beans, prunes, seaweed, cherries can be used to get over this craving.

  • Carbohydrates

When you feel the need to take carbs, it is possibly an indication that your body levels are running low on nitrogen.

To counter this, try to eat fish, nuts, and beans.

All in all, its always the best to eat fresh and balanced foods as best as you can!

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