Surprising Beauty Hacks Using Vaseline

Vaseline doesn’t require a formal introduction here. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all have been using it in our daily skin regime.

While Vaseline is often used as a healing agent to heal the chapped lips or to replenish the dry skin, Vaseline has got a lot of other applications too.

Not many people know that Vaseline can also be used as a beauty product. This is what makes Vaseline so great. Here are 7 surprising beauty hacks using Vaseline:

  • Get thicker lashes on the go

Though mascara helps you attain thicker eyelashes, Vaseline works equally well. It is relatively cheaper and provides the same benefits.

Applying Vaseline on your eyelashes will make them look lush in addition to strengthening them. It is also believed that applying Vaseline on the lashes helps them grow, so substitute your mascara with Vaseline for thicker, stronger, longer lashes.

  • Say goodbye to dry heels

Vaseline is a popular weapon against cracked heels. If you have chapped heels that needs tending, then gently apply a thick coat of Vaseline over the damaged skin and cover them with soft socks.

The petroleum jelly would quickly fix the damaged skin cells, giving you shinier feet. You should apply it during the night and let it rest.

  • Fix the split ends almost instantly

If you have split ends that are to be fixed ASAP, then just dab a little amount of Vaseline on the tips of your hair. Though it is just a temporary fix, it works wonder for a short duration. Further, petroleum jelly would also make your hair look glossy and smooth.

  • Strong perfume catalyst

Vaseline can be used to longer the effects of perfumes. Just dab a small amount of Vaseline onto the places where you apply perfume and then apply your normal fragrance. This will help the perfume stick to your skin, rather than getting vaporized soon.

  • Flaunt a shiny skin

Applying Vaseline to your cheekbones and eyelids will make them look shiny. It would make your skin look radiant and dewy. Thus, Vaseline can be a popular substitute for a highlighter and at half the price.       

  • Glossy and beautiful lips

Mix some Kool-Aid with Vaseline and apply it on your lips. This will give your lips color, fragrance, and a glossy look. Just choose the right Kool-Aid flavor and you are good to go. Also since its Vaseline, it would strengthen your lip tissues while making them look beautiful.

  • Wear piercings without struggling

We all know the struggle of wearing an earring after not wearing them for a while. To help with this, just apply a little amount of Vaseline onto the earrings and wear them. It would easily slide in as Vaseline is also a powerful lubricant.  

 Keep experimenting with Vaseline and stay beautiful, as always! 

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