Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Truth be told, applying makeup is nothing less than an art!

It is just a matter of right products and experience that would help you in flaunting larger eyes, fuller lips, a slimmer nose and much more. 

Up for a date, or have an urgent meeting to attend with no time to book an appointment in the beauty salon? Well, we have got your back! Here are a few simple and quick makeup tips that would make you look flawless. Check out.

  • Apply primer

Applying primer right at the beginning of the make-up process sets up a proper base. But make sure that you have applied the moisturizer properly and massaged it all over your face before applying a primer. While choosing a primer, make sure that it has Silica as one of its important ingredients. This is because a Silica-rich primer helps you in hiding fine lines and wrinkles on your face. 

  • Choose your foundation wisely

Most of the women all around the world make a huge mistake by choosing the wrong foundation. Mostly they prefer dark or thick foundation. And, apply multi-layers which results in a complete mess.

This should not happen to you. Thus, keep in mind to buy a foundation which is thin in texture. While applying, go in steps, apply one layer with proper rotation of fingers all over the face, then go for the other layer and mix it well. 

  • Find your shade

It is very important to know your skin tone. This helps you to choose the right shade which would flatter your skin. The best way to find a foundation that matches well with your skin tone is to test it on your neck first. If it blends well with the skin color at your neck, it is likely that it will be a perfect fit for your skin too. Also, if you have a dry skin, you should mix moisturizer with the foundation before applying. 

  • Apply properly

Ideally, you should apply small size dots of foundation all over your face. Now, blend it properly by applying the right amount of pressure at each point of the face. Just keep in mind to highlight the jawline, nose and the head region of the face. 

  • Utilize your fingers

The right way to apply the foundation is to blend it in an outward direction. Fingers play a very important role in doing so. Move your fingers in a circular motion with even pressure at all points. You may use a massager or make-up blender to mix it evenly all over the face.

  • Absorb extra foundation using sponge

Mistakes may happen while applying makeup. However, fret not! If by chance you find that there is some extra foundation left even after mixing, you may use a sponge to wipe it off. Choose a soft make-up removing sponge for this purpose. One wipe and you are sorted. 

These were a few smart makeup tricks. Try them, and we’re sure, you will ace them like a pro!

2 thoughts on “Makeup Tips to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

  1. Cristina says:

    Hi thanks for using you le lift and i just live it. However how do you use it if you are wearing make up? Do you apply le lift under or over the make up? Thanks


    • EvanesceNewYork says:

      Hello Cristina!
      Glad to hear our product being used, it really makes us glad to be doing what we do when we get feedback on product satisfaction.

      Apply the Le Lift first if you’re wearing it with makeup! Just a thin layer, the way u normally apply it. Let it dry for a minute, then you can continue with your makeup routine!

      However, if you have any water-based products, those go on first before the Le Lift!

      Everything else is fine to wear after applying your Le Lift Essence.

      Thanks for writing in, we’re always glad to help!


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