5 Foods That Are Making You Fat Unknowingly

5 Foods That Are Making You Fat Unknowingly

Are you eating as healthy as you think you are? Are you consuming enough fruits, vegetables, and proteins to stay far ahead of the nutrition curve?

Or, are your healthy food choices actually making you gain weight and going against your entire diet regimen? Well, chances are high that you are consuming wrong kinds of foods unknowingly.

Not anymore! Here is a quick list of a few foods that you think are healthy while they are not!

  • Packed Food/Canned Vegetables

Packed foods might look healthy at first but they are often loaded with an excess of sodium and are deprived of the essential nutrients. Consuming these foods might hinder your health. This is simply because you are unknowingly consuming a lot of sugar, sodium and other flavoring agents that would not only distract you from good nutrition but can also prove harmful to your health.

  • Refined Grains

Refined grains include the likes of white bread, pasta, rice and crackers and are not healthy at all. This is perhaps because the flour used for preparing these food items is known to have a high glycemic index.

Consumption of such types of food triggers the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream at a faster rate thus increasing the sugar levels. Hence, one of the safe practices is to check the labels properly when buying your food. Further, you should always go for the whole grain bread instead of the refined ones.

  • Trans Fats

Trans-fats are generally found in snacks, baked and fried foods in the form of partially hydrogenated oils. These are very easy to be used, inexpensive and last for a very long time. However, the bad news is that these types of foods raise the bad cholesterol (also called as low-density cholesterols) levels in your body. This increases the risk of heart diseases and strokes.

  • Sugary Foods

Foods, such as sweets and chocolates enhance build-up of sugar inside your body. Sugar in the digestive tract is broken down into glucose and fructose. High consumption of fructose causes the liver to turn fatty giving rise to insulin resistance and other metabolic syndromes and diabetes. So, avoid consuming foods that are high in sugar.

Further, try to buy foods from trustworthy companies that are certified for organic and high-quality ingredients and that have a minimum or no HFCS-90, the original high fructose corn syrup.

  • Bis-phenol

Foods that are in contact with the plastic component disrupt the endocrine system of the body along with pineal and the reproductive glands. If you too are consuming food that is exposed to the plastic component, the possibility is high you are at a risk of obesity and developing cancer.

So, don’t let these hidden food mines hinder your fat loss journey, instead eliminate them or substitute them with powerful foods that may help you in cutting off the calories from the body.

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