5 Makeup Tips Every Redhead Should Know

Just like you match your makeup to your eye color; it is equally important to match your makeup to the color of your hair?

Blonde hair color appears to be good when next to the shades of gold, while brunettes often look best when accompanied by a coppery colored metallic makeup. But it is difficult to complement red tresses.

In order to know the best makeup for the red hair, we reached out to a few makeup artists for their tips on how to complement red hair with makeup, as well as the products they consider best for those who have auburn tresses.

Let’s check out.

  • Choose your foundation wisely

If you are a redhead, then you must choose your foundation based on your skin tone and not your hair color. Not all redhead should wear a yellow based foundation because it really depends on your personal skin tone.

You must match your foundation to the color of your neck rather than your hair color. If you have freckles, don’t cover them up or be ashamed of them. You can choose a sheer foundation that lets your freckles to peek through. 

  • Pick the right eyeshadow

It is often recommended to only wear neutral eyeshadows because it is good throughout the day, but redheads should not be afraid to wear bright colors too. Jewel tones look amazing on redheads, especially emerald green. This is because red and green are opposite in the color wheel spectrum and that is why this contrast looks amazing on redheads. 

  • Matching your eyebrow color

It can be really tricky for redheads to get the eyebrows right. It is found that the best way to match your natural eyebrow color is to find a matte eyeshadow to fill in your brows. For those who have dyed their hair into the red, a blonde eyebrow pencil would be a good match. Remember that your eyebrows don’t need to match exactly to the color of your hair. You should have one or two shades darker brows if you have light red hair color and one or two shades lighter brows when you have darker red hair. 

  • Maintaining the red color

Even if your hair is brutally red or dyed, it is the hardest color to maintain. Red hair dye is the quickest one to fade away and even those who have this hair color naturally, they need to take extra care of their hair. You must protect your hair with a hat when you are outside in the sun. You should also do some color treatments in order to protect your hair while you are at home. 

  • Choice of the blush

Every redhead is recommended to own a blush which has a warm peachy color. It looks amazingly flattering on every redhead and it provides the perfect flush for every day.

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