5 Reasons Stress is Messing with Your Skin

Did you ever pay attention as to why pimples always tend to appear at the worst time? Like, just a few hours before the party you wanted to attend so earnestly, or just a night before your first date?

There is a reason for everything that happens. And, in this case, it is stress. Simply put, stress messes with our skin in more than one ways.

So, do not stress out, and take a chill pill. Here’s why!

  • You lose sleep

When you are stressed out, it is normal that you find it tough to sleep at night. But, never let anything interrupt your sleep. This is because sleep is an important characteristic of a healthy skin.

It is only during sleep that your body repairs itself after a hectic day. Lack of sleep can enhance the cortisol levels in your body, which would lead to more stress, and eventually, you will lose more sleep. This would make your skin dull, thus making you look old. Thus, it is a vicious cycle which should be avoided at all costs.

  • Stress hormones are bad for your skin

When you are stressed, a stress hormone is released which redirects the blood to organs and muscles instead of sending it to the skin.

Thus, chronic stress can lead to various skin conditions by depriving it of essential nutrients and oxygen. Further, the stress hormone – cortisol, can also trick your oil glands to release more oil, thus making you acne prone.

  • It makes your already existing skin issues worse

Various chronic skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, and others can become worse when you are stressed. Stress might not be the sole cause, but even if it contributes a bit, it is better to avoid stress.

  • Stress speeds up aging

There might be no fine lines and wrinkles as of now, but if you are stressed today, it is definitely going to reflect on your face a few years down the line.

Stress undoubtedly speeds up your aging process. This is simply because when you are stressed, your body gets busy in fighting stress instead of protecting you from UV rays, pollution and other factors that might speed up aging.

  • It enhances the risk of skin cancer

Don’t freak out. Stress won’t cause skin cancer, but it can significantly increase the risk of getting skin cancer. This is because stress weakens your immune system which affects your body’s capability to fight cancer-causing agents.

But, the good news is that a few stress management techniques can go a long way in managing your beauty. Thus, the next time you feel jittery and nervous, try to cool yourself by going for a walk or by indulging in deep breathing exercises or by performing yoga, or simply call your best friend and have a quick chat.

How do you manage stress in your life? 

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