What is Aerobic Exercise and Do You Really Need It?

For many of us, the term ‘aerobic exercise’ might sound a bit too technical. The term aerobic exercise often pops out the images of spandex and sweatbands in our mind.

But, is aerobic exercise all about it? Let’s find out.

What is Aerobic Exercise?

Simply put, an aerobic exercise ranges from low intensity to high intensity and stimulates lungs and heart by utilizing oxygen.

In other words, aerobic exercise essentially focuses on oxygen by making your heart pump more blood. On the contrary, the term anaerobic exercise is a physical activity which doesn’t stimulate oxygen. Such exercises include sprinting and weight-lifting.

What Types of Aerobic Exercise Are Best?

Some exercises may sound trendier than others, however, there is nothing like a ‘best aerobic exercise’. It all ultimately depends on how genuinely you enjoy a certain move. The best way to meet your fitness goals is by doing a range of aerobic exercises to keep the spirit alive.

A few such aerobic exercises that you can indulge in straightaway include jumping, running, cycling, swimming, and others.

However, certain forms of yoga and dance workouts can be equally useful.

How Do I Get Started With Aerobic Exercises?

The best way to start with an aerobic exercise is to stick with an activity that you think you will stick to. Don’t expect your exercise regimen to be all about fun, however, make sure that it is something realistic which you would be able to do without getting overwhelmed.

For instance, let’s assume that you work 12 hours a day, have two kids to take care of and still plan to use a treadmill in a gym which will take 30 minutes to reach. This, at the first glance, sounds unfeasible, and so chances are high that you will fail.

Thus, make sure that whatever you are committing to is not only exciting but convenient too. Even a five minutes brisk walk can work wonders. If you feel it is too less, double the time you would like to brisk walk for. The bottom line here is to extract the best out of your aerobic exercise regimen without overburdening yourself.

How Often Should You Engage In Aerobic Exercise?

As a rule of thumb, you should perform aerobic exercises for about 30 to 60 minutes around three times per week.

However, it is important to mention here that there is no one fit solution for all. Some people may need fewer sessions, while some others might need more; it all depends on your body type. As per a research by Mayo Clinic, shorter and frequent sessions of aerobic exercises are more useful over longer and less frequent sessions.

Should I Warm Up For Aerobic Exercise?

Yes, you should warm up yourself for 5-8 minutes. Thus, start slowly and speed up once your body has paced up with the work.

In short, aerobic exercises are highly helpful. However, check with your doctor before finally committing to your exercise regime.

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