6 Ways You Can Prevent Winter From Being Harsh On Your Hair

For some, winter might mean hot chocolate and holiday movies. While for others, it might be just about hair loss! Well, that’s true. Unfortunately, there are many of us who face severe hair fall every time winter is here.

There have been enough studies which indicate the same. A recent six-year study concluded that even women with healthy hair lose more hair in winter than during any other season.

Undoubtedly, the seasonal loss is difficult to control. But, with the right methods and right tricks, we can definitely control hair loss to a large extent.

Let’s see how.

  • Don’t skip wash day

You might want to skip washing your hair as it is when that most hair loss happens. But, this is nothing to worry about.

In fact, maintaining your regular hair wash schedule can be beneficial to your health as long as you are using the right products for your hair type. It is highly recommended to shampoo every other day to remove any debris build up on your scalp which might hinder the growth.

  • Air-dry your hair

Going out with wet hair is a big no. This is because cold weather with wet hair can freeze your cuticle and break it.

However, don’t use hair dryers excessively. The best way is to let your hair air-dry. However, if that’s not possible, you should spray a heat protection spray on your wet hair and use your dryer in a cooler setting.

  • Be easy on temperatures

Avoid using hair styling devices like hair straighteners and hair dryers, They tend to dry your hair, making them more prone to breakage. However, if needed, use them only at lower temperatures. Also, avoid using hair extensions, hair dyes and do not make tight hairstyles to keep your hair healthy.

  • Intake vitamin D

It is highly recommended to start consuming vitamin D particularly through the months of October till May. This is particularly because it seems that women with lower levels of vitamin shed more hair than their counterparts.

Make it a point to consume vitamin D supplements after proper consulting your doctor if you are facing excessive hair fall.

  • Avoid using hairspray

We all tend to rely on hairspray and dry shampoos whenever we are running late, and have an urgent party to attend after work. But, we should be mindful while using these products. This is probably because these products can act as last-minute saviors, but tend to damage our hair in the long run by making them brittle and dark, thus making them prone to breakage.

  • Deep conditioning

It is highly recommended to deep condition your hair at least once every fortnight. This will help you in locking any lost moisture in your tresses and would keep them manageable, healthy and shiny.

Also, you should clean your hair with a good cleanser to remove any build up of conditioners, shampoos and the likes on your scalp which might hinder the hair growth.

That said, not all tips and tricks hold true for all. Find out what works best for you, and stick to it.

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