7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using a Concealer

If you are a makeup-lover, we are sure concealer would be an essential part of your daily makeup routine.

This is perhaps because concealer provides a good base for further makeup products. This is what makes concealer such a versatile product. But, as important it is, it is equally important that the concealer is applied in a correct and perfect manner for that flawless look. This is simply because if the base is not applied in the right manner, the entire makeup goes wrong.

This should not happen to you. And, so we are here with some common mistakes that you must avoid while applying concealer or foundation:


  • Not preparing your skin before concealing

It is recommended that you wash your face properly and wipe it before applying makeup. Further, make sure that you put a good quality primer before wearing a concealer. Primers tend to form a good smooth base before makeup. Also, take care of your skin in general. Try to exfoliate it, once or twice a week.

  • Not buying the concealer according to your skin type

Not applying a concealer according to your skin type is as worst as not wearing a concealer at all! It is very important that you buy a concealer in line with your skin’s type and requirements. Make sure that the product you are buying suits your skin’s complexion as well.

  • Concealing in the wrong kind of lightning

It is essential that you apply concealer in the right kind of lightning which lets you see your dark spots and marks. It is only then that you would be able to hide them perfectly.

Applying makeup in natural light will also give you an idea of how the final result will look. Further, it is highly recommended to prefer yellow light for makeup especially in evening.

  • Not blending properly

Blending is one of the most important steps while applying a concealer. Try to apply same pressure at all points of the face. After that, highlight your important areas like nose line, jawline and the likes. If you are not a pro in this, you might also like to buy makeup blenders which do the task for you efficaciously.


  • Buying a light-toned concealer


Very light concealers do no good to skin blemishes. They don’t hide them. They act as a normal cream in that case. In fact, in some cases, a light-toned concealer highlights all the blemishes and redness of the skin.

  • Applying many layers of concealer

Be smart while putting concealers. Apply it in a way that it is not visible, yet hides the blemishes just perfectly. As a rule of thumb, applying only two thin layers of concealer is more than enough, anything more than that just deteriorates the entire make-up.


  • Skipping face powder

Face powder sets your makeup perfectly. It helps you to lock the concealer and even enhances its look in total.


That said, simply avoid the above-mentioned mistakes while applying concealer, and we are  sure you will never end up having a bad makeup day.

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