Never Try These Diets and Dieting Tips

Have you been dieting for quite a long time?

Haven’t you felt any difference or been able to witness any transformation?

Do you feel the dieting is not giving any result?

Or is it hampering your health and body?

Don’t worry. You are not the only one in this race. There are many abortive cases where the individuals have tried diets that others should never try or even think of trying.

Diets And Dieting Tips That One Should Never Try

Many diets are completely absurd, dangerous and worthless in terms of yielding results. Many of you do not even do some research before embarking on a dieting regimen and just take a dive. The result equals to a zero.

Instead of shedding off those few extra pounds, these diets start taking a toll on your physical well-being.

  • Fat-free diets

This is one of the most bizarre diets where a person is not allowed to include fats in the daily diet. It’s a total misconception that the intake of fat will make you fat.

Fats in the oily, greasy food, fast food, preserved and canned food are harmful as they increase the cholesterol level in one’s body. But fats like avocado, nuts, clarified butter and salmon are really necessary for your good health.

Sharon Palmer, who is an author, has claimed that when fats are infused with a proper balanced diet and consumed, it helps one to not grow fat. Yes, you have read it right.

  • Low-carb diets

This is another absurd form of diet which people follow religiously. You must have heard some models uttering this ‘low-carb’ dieting term. Though it has gained popularity it is definitely not a correct diet and it adversely affects one’s health.

The founder of Inspired Wellness Solutions, LLC – Chrissy Carroll has claimed that although refined carbs like white bread, white rice, etc leads to cardiovascular diseases and weight gain, healthy carbs like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes are too beneficial for human health. So you should never cut down your carbs (except the refined ones) from your diet.

A study by the American College of Nutrition in 2002 had discovered that when the refined carbs were replaced with the intake of whole grains, vegetables and fruits, the dietary glycemic load and insulin demand dropped considerably.

  • High-protein diets

This dieting concept is incorrect as well. Basing your entire diet on proteins and omitting carbohydrates and fats will not help you lose weight at any cost.

The absence of carbs, fats, fiber and anti-oxidants lead to over-consumption of proteins which, in turn, makes you fat. All the three macronutrients should be present in the diet for a healthy body.

  • Gluten-free diets

How did one reach the conclusion that gluten makes you fat? Cutting down your gluten intake completely will lead to a deficiency of essential nutrients in your body like magnesium, vitamin B12, fiber, and iron.

Gluten-free diets are not recommended at all. But you can definitely lower your intake of refined grains including white bread.

Wrapping Up

A new report publicized by the National Obesity Forum and the Public Health Collaboration has shaken the base of official dieting guidelines and diet regimens. The report argued ‘Eating fat does not make you fat’.

Thus, do not plunge into diets that are simply absurd and has no touch with nutrition at all.

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