Can Eating Pasta Help in Lowering BMI (Body Mass Index)?

Recent studies and surveys have discovered that eating pasta can lower your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Pasta-Italy-Body Mass Index

In the past, Pasta fell under the category of fast food like pizzas, burgers, noodles. These foods were restricted in the diet regimen of fitness-conscious people who wanted to lower their body mass index.

Remember the last time you were maintaining a low-carb diet to lower your BMI? When you felt a sudden craving for pasta but had to assuage the craving? Truly a salad can never replace pasta.

Studies And Experts’ Take On Pasta

A research was published in Nutrition & Diabetes on 4th of July, embracing the belief of many Italians that pasta does not make anyone fat but it helps to keep one leaner and svelte. This research resulted in the vindication of the fact that eating pasta surely lowers the BMI.

This survey was based on 14,402 adults who were planted between 2005 and 2010 in a tiny Italian region named Molise. Another set of 8,964 adults, were planted between 2011 and 2013. This study entirely concentrated on the relation of pasta intake to the BMI and hip circumference of the subjects. The results showed that pasta intake related to a lower BMI and a much leaner and svelte body in both women and men.

If one maintains the level of calorie intake each day and proper nutritional proportions, then eating pasta can never hamper one’s body shape and give rise to an enlarged waist size.

The dishes of pasta contain a whole lot of nutrients that are rich in a Mediterranean diet. Therefore, we recommend Mediterranean meals for better health and pasta should be the epitome of such healthy food habits.

Wrapping Up

It was no less than a nightmare to the avid pasta-consumers to adhere to weight-loss diets which compelled them to refrain from pasta.

Since the pronouncement of pasta lowering down one’s BMI, it has been a party for the pasta lovers. It feels incredibly good to eat pasta and aim for shaping your body into a svelte, toned and desirable figure.

Doesn’t it feel awesome to relish pasta in our daily diet, ditching all the tensions of increasing the BMIs?

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