Defeat Exhaustion With These Simple Quick Steps

Jess: Hey how was your day?

Kate: It was a long tiring day. I am exhausted!


Jess: You look exhausted. How was your weekend?

Kate: Oh it was too tiring! (wincing)


Jess: Hey Kate! Long time, huh? How have you been?

Kate: Don’t ask. Totally exhausting!


And this way it never ends. Seems familiar?

You are also one of those who want to defeat exhaustion. Taking rest and rejuvenating yourself has almost become a ‘once in a blue moon’ kind of phenomenon.

From A Beauty Angle

If resting becomes a ‘once in a blue moon’ instance, then life really becomes stressful. Exhaustion not only hampers your health but it also endangers your cosmetic appeal.

Lack of sleep and rest causes dull skin, puffed eyes, pigmentation, dark circles, blood-shot eyes, etc. So it is imperative to defeat exhaustion (from a beauty angle) if you at least want to fake a fresh look.

Few Tricks To Defeat Exhaustion

  • Do something to conceal those dark patches around your eyes

If you do not want to sport that raccoon look with your dark circles, then use a mix of concealers to hide those dark patches around your eyes.

For long term benefits, you can use retinol creams which boost the collagen production and make your skin appear opaque. You can include eye serums in your daily beauty routine to get better results and refreshing eyes.

  • Work on that dull skin to get it look replenished

A good shower with peppermint soap- gel is extremely helpful to defeat exhaustion. To get rid of that dull skin, you can always wash your face with ice water or even rub ice cubes all over the face. This kick starts the blood circulation and makes your face-skin firmer, brighter and replenished.

  • Cleansing-toning-moisturizing

Focus more on the skin-care regimen as that is the only way to escape carrying that exhausted look all over. Cleanse your face and body with aromatic, mint-based gels.

Exfoliation is extremely important to wake up the new cells by kicking out the dead ones. Exfoliating your skin also kicks out exhaustion but it should be done twice or thrice in a week.

Moisturize the skin and keep it hydrated all the time with hydrating serums, soothing moisturizing gels, etc. Moisturize the drier parts of the skin most importantly otherwise they will end up making you look exhausted.

  • Use make-up products to conceal the exhaustion over your face

Always use a primer so that it acts as a sheet for the make-up to not affect the skin. Concealers and foundations help to make a proper canvas for further make-up.

Do not give the bronzer a miss as the bronzer makes your face look tanned which tricks everyone to feel that you have been vacationing. So no chance of appearing exhausted. Since eyes are more prone to look exhausted, you need to highlight your lips so that others notice that instead of the eyes.

  • Habits that can give you a fresh look

Get rid of that exhausted look by drinking enough water. Avoid the intake of caffeine and do yoga every day. Yoga replenishes your look and leaves no signs of exhaustion in you.

The cruel cycle of exhaustion is clinging on to you. The fast paced life of a neoteric is afflicted with the epidemic of exhaustion which has continued to deprive us of rest.

So now you know how to defeat the exhaustion and look fresh as a flower. Anytime and every time!

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