Weight Loss Methods You Should Never Think of Trying

Is it sensible enough to adopt weight loss methods that hamper our health?

Can anyone really be so silly? The world is plagued with such freaks who swear to lose their body weight by hook or crook. The only drawbacks they face are that the hooks and crooks ruin their healthy lives at the end of the day.

God knows what not you do to just shed off those few extra pounds. And some of those what-not can be extremely dangerous and even fatal.

Don’t Even Think Of Trying These

1.     Tapeworm Dieting

There are ladies who actually take up this tapeworm diet to lose weight

In this dieting regimen, the worm grows in your body after the consumption of the worm egg as a pill. The parasite feeds on the food you consume and extracts energy from the fats. Slowly and gradually it gets larger and you shrink, on the contrary. There is medication available to kill the tapeworm after a few months.

It is not as easy as it sounds. The tapeworm diet has proved to be fatal as it causes nutrient deficiency diseases, extreme pain in your stomach, etc. As mentioned in www.bigthink.com, a woman nurtured a twenty feet long worm inside her which in turn infested other worms into her intestines and blood causing her immediate death. She died satisfied maybe as she had lost sixty pounds prior to her death.

2.     Starving For Days And Days

Young girls have made this into a habit of starving themselves for days and days. Eventually, they get hospitalized due to various medical complications.

This is definitely not the correct method to lose weight. There are some nutrients and energy supplying foods that our body needs every day to properly function and most importantly, keep us alive. If you terminate that intake and starve yourself continuously, it could cause your death.

3.     Drunkorexia

It is term developed recently for the methods the teenagers and adolescents adopt to lose weight.

When you skip your meals to drink alcohol, when you drink excessive alcohol and puke out, it is then called Drunkorexia. It is kind of a fusion of improper or under eating and excessive alcohol consumption. This is an extremely bad method to lose weight. It causes your body to lose its immunity, digestive problems, nausea, etc.

Excessive alcohol consumption also hampers your health.

4.     Feeding Tube Diet

There is a feeding tube that is put into your nose that is supposed to run down to your stomach. One needs to consume a solution of protein and fat for the period of ten days.

Although you need not remain in the hospital for this period of feed tube dieting, you would need to carry the solution wherever you go. The most embarrassing part is that hose would be visible to everyone. Apart from making a hole in your pockets, the side effects of this feeding tube diet can be constipation, exhaustion, and bad breath. Eeww!

You should never try this because ten days you have stayed without food surviving on that liquid. It robs the body of so many vital nutrients and can make you very weak.

The weight loss methods mentioned above are extremely dangerous. If you want to stay fit and healthy, eat right and work out intensely. That’s the key to it.

All these disgusting diets are the extraction of good health and wealth.

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