6 Tips to Soothe a Beyond Painful Sunburn

Your summer days are ending and what have you experienced? You might have got sunburns and you now want remedies to treat the sunburn. So, are you looking for natural remedies that can soothe your beyond painful sunburn? We have got the right cure!

You are aware that exposure to UV rays can result in premature aging and could also cause skin cancer. However, although you’ve put a lot of efforts in protecting your skin from getting sunburnt using sunscreens, you still might have got the itching, swelling and painful sunburns. Try out these natural remedies to get rid of the discomfort and cure your sunburns.

1) Use compresses
After sunburn, your skin gets inflamed. You could relieve those burns using compresses dunked in some of these substances. You could use cold water and dab it over the burn. Aluminum acetate could be used if the itching is too intense. You could also use witch hazel to moisten the cloth and later dab it over the skin.

2) Use these foods

The usual kitchen ingredients could help you soothe your sunburns. Wrap oatmeal in a gauze or cheesecloth and later dip it in cold water. You could discard the food item and use compresses to dunk in the liquid and later apply. Yogurt, lettuce, corn starch or even tea bags could be used for the compresses.

3) Refrain from using soaps

Soaps can potentially dry your skin and irritate it. Do not soak yourself in soap water. Also, do not use bubble baths. If you still want to use soap, use mild brands and make sure you rinse the soap off really well.  However, you could make use of vinegar, Aveeno or baking soda in your baths.

4) Moisturize well

You might have damaged the skin real bad and now are looking for remedies. It is high time you rely on lotions and start repairing it. Soaks, as well as compresses, will make you relieved temporarily but can also make the skin feel more dried than it earlier was if you do not moisturize your skin immediately. Dry yourself after the compresses and then apply some bath oil. Let it seep into the skin for a while and later use lotion or moisturizing cream on it.

5) Visit your freezer

Sunburns definitely hurt. If your skin urges you to reach out for cold substances, go for it. Ice packs could give you relief if the burn is subtle. Wrap the ice packs in a damped fabric and keep it on the sunburns. You could also use a pack of frozen peas on it.

6) Drink and eat!

Consuming the right supplements would also help your skin. It is any day a great idea to drink plenty of water to fight back the drying of the skin. You can do better by drinking fresh fruit juices as well. Also consume foods which are rich in fluid content.

And you are done! Thank us later.

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