Skincare Regime To Follow When You Are in 50s!

Take care of your skin in such a way that people can never make out that you are in your 50s.

Once you complete half a century of years in your life, it’s time to pay special attention to your skin so that aging does not succeed in taking its toll over the skin.

A Los Angeles-based dermatologist named Jessica Wu asserted “This is the decade of collagen loss and saggy skin”.  It is a fact that women in their 50s eventually strike menopause and this is followed by few consequences which are visible over the skin. The production of collagen gets considerably reduced and the skin fails to retain its moisture.

Get your skincare routine entirely revamped in your 50s.

Skincare routine for the ones in 50s

  • Switch to a gentle cleansing gel

As you tend to lose the moistness of your skin at this age, you should wash your face with a cleansing gel that is much milder and gentler. It would be more beneficial to use a water-based cleanser or a milk-based cleanser.

You can avoid washing your face in the morning with the cleanser. Put some cold water on your face. Do not use the cleanser often as you did earlier, because it tends to rip off the natural moisture of the skin.

  • Start using an antioxidant serum

Load your flock of skincare products with creams and serums that are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant serums prevent the aging and safeguard the skin from sun damage.

Get moisturizers that have SPF or hydrating sunscreen lotions

As mentioned above, in the 50s you always need to keep hydrating your skin. So whatever products you may apply on your skin, they should be moisturizing and softening enough.

While purchasing sunscreen lotions you should check their hydrating components. Suppose you are getting a moisturizer, pick the one that have SPFs. This way your skin is shielded against the damaging sun rays and loss of moisture.

  • Use eye creams

This age witnesses fine lines at the corner of the eyes, dark circles and wrinkled skin in the eye area. So using an eye cream is a must.

Go for eye creams that are to be applied at night because eye creams work best at night when you are asleep. Start using those eye creams that contain peptides, glycolic acid or retinoid which help in boosting the collagen production.

  • Resort to a gentle exfoliator

Too much exfoliation makes the skin dry and flaky. So at this phase of age, when the skin automatically turns dry, one should try all means to keep it hydrated and moist.

So use a gentle exfoliator to scrape off the dead skin cells and kick-start the collagen production. Go for a rather gentle exfoliation at least once in a week or maybe thrice in a month but do not do it often.

Apart from skincare plans mentioned above, you can also go for other chemical treatments and supplements to keep your skin firmer and beautiful.

Who said that 50s cannot stay gorgeous and beautiful? Go ahead and prove them wrong.

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