Things Celebrities Do to Look Beautiful

Have you ever wondered how come the celebrities always manage to steal the show? In fact, surely there have been times when you feel jealous of their impeccable beauty.

They always look stunning and radiant. With all the glittering and sparkling, no wonder they are acclaimed to be stars.

You often end up blaming God to have bestowed all the beauty to these celebrities and depriving us of it. But we fail to realize this fact that it’s all a matter of different lifestyles.

What do celebrities do to look good?

The flawless beauty that celebrities carry everywhere needs proper maintenance and investments. Read further to find some secrets.

How do they keep their skin glowing?

The celebrities stick to exfoliation as their supreme weapon to keep their skin glow intact throughout. Since exfoliation removes the dull, dead skin cells and prepares the base for the creams and serums to seep into the deep layers, celebrities go for Microdermabrasion treatments. This treatment involves polishing of the face-skin with tiny crystals.

Rachel Weisz and Sienna Miller’s dermatologist Dr. Colbert spills the beans by saying that he does the Triad Treatment for those celebrities before any major event for their skin to glow. The triad treatment includes microdermabrasion followed by laser toning and fruit acid process. Actresses also go for facial peels after any heavy make-up.

How do they prevent skin damage?

Anybody’s skin is prone to damage when exposed to harmful environmental conditions. Agents of skin damage do not inquire whether it’s a celebrity’s skin or ordinary person’s skin before causing any damage to it.

The skin of famous personalities, actors and actresses is more likely to get damaged due to prolonged hours of heavy make-up, sun exposure, pollution, etc. Dr. Evans has treated many of his celebrity patients with his formula of fusing anti-oxidants like vitamin A, C & E with certain skin creams. When this formula is applied by the celebrities, they prevent their skin to get damaged further.

How do they deal with acne?

Celebrities cannot wait for weeks to cure acne problems due to their busy schedule. Hence, using creams and acne solutions cannot be their way out. They turn to skin experts for instant solutions so that they are always ready to face the cameras and the paparazzi.

Dr. Boris Zaks, who is known for treating Beverly Hills, introduced a photodynamic therapy which involves the application of amino acid medication on the pimples and throw blue light on the areas where the medication is applied, to activate and start the process of treatment.

It is very evident that celebrities make a lot of efforts to look good and maintain it. It also requires a hefty investment to continue to look ravishing at all time.  It is really amazing to get knowledge of how these celebrities are always at their best. In a nutshell, celebrities really go a long way to look the way they are.

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