Is My Skin Dry Or Dehydrated? Difference You Should Know

Among one of the generally asked questions when it comes to aesthetics is how is hydrated skin different from a moisturized skin. This is also a vital question for skin care. Manufacturers of skin care products claim on their packets if their products are moisturizing or hydrating. To make sure you select the right product, to know how it functions on your skin, it is important for you to know the difference between these skins.


The word Hydration naturally makes you think about water. If something is to be hydrated, it means that the water content needs to be increased. In the context of skin care, it means to increase the quantity of water among your skin cells that result in smooth, plump and a healthy complexion. When the skin is frequently hydrated, the appearance of the fine lines or wrinkles reduce. Besides looking younger, the skin cells also maintain the total functions in the cells when hydrated. To hydrate the skin, lots of water should be consumed. But since skin doesn’t absorb more water, utilization of tropical ingredients which promote hydration could be really beneficial. The hydrating agents such as sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, honey or glycerin are known as humectants that aid in binding moisture and retain it in the skin. Aloe is one more popular ingredient which promotes Hydration of skin.


Oil is the first thing that pops into our minds when moisture is spoken of. We have got sebaceous glands which are connected to hair follicles. These glands generate sebum which is an oily ingredient which aids in protecting, nourishing as well as lubricating the human skin. It also avoids our skin from getting dry and also avoids premature aging. Those who have oily skin will be having excess production of this sebum while people with dry skin lack this production. Irrespective of what type your skin is, moisturizing can definitely be called as an important aspect of your everyday skin care. Sufficient moisturizing will aid in the regulation production of oil and retains water from getting out of the skin.

How exactly are they different?

Since we have known the basics of how moisture skin and Hydration skin works, let us know the difference. As the purpose of Hydration is to bind water in our skin cells and moisturizing is to avoid the skin from putting out water, it is the Hydration which precedes moisturizing of the skin. This is the reason serums are given first, as many Hydration treating serums have humectants. Once your skin is hydrated, it would want to be sealed with the help of oil. This is the combination that maintains the proper balance of sebum in your skin. Those who have oily skin, you might or might not choose to moisturize frequently. For them, just Hydration would be sufficient as the skin itself produces enough oil that ensures water retention.

Dehydrated vs dry skin

Dehydrated skin doesn’t have sufficient water and dry skin doesn’t have sufficient oil. Hence, there is a possibility that your skin is dry or dehydrated or sometimes both. Hence, selecting the right products and knowing how they must be used are really essential.


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