Traits of Beauty Hoarders You Would Relate to

Are you obsessed with collecting various beauty products? It could be anything related to your cosmetic goals.

A beauty hoarder is generally someone who experiences the never-ending urge to possess everything. Makeup, toiletries, dresses, handbags, accessories and shoes, to be precise.

When the psychology of a beauty hoarder is taken into account, it brings you a picture of the thought process of hoarders dominated by products and things needed for being beautiful and remaining beautiful.

When Do You Realise That You Have Acquired The Syndrome Of Beauty Hoarding?

Beauty hoarders always end up over-doing things. Their psychology is to obtain any beauty product they know of or have ever heard about. Irrespective of the fact that whether they need it or not. Whether it is suitable for them or not; whether they will use in the future or not; and whether they can actually afford it or not.

 Too many bottles of body gels, shampoos and hair serums stacked in your washroom

When your washroom is fully stacked with an innumerable number of bottles of body gels, shampoos, scrubbing lotions, hair serums and any other toiletry, you should already realize that you can be termed as a beauty hoarder.

This is especially when more than half of those bottles continue to stand there without their seals being broken. You don’t even use all of them still you crave to own them. This is what the psychology of a beauty hoarder is like.

Having more than twenty to thirty different brands of lipsticks of the same shade

Does anyone like to waste money on the same shade of lipstick that she already has? Any normal girl tries to collect lipsticks of varying shades that are her favourite.

But when you find someone investing on lipsticks of the same shade and of the different brands, you can be sure that she is a beauty hoarder. This is not only applicable in the case of lipsticks; the psychology is same when she wants to own all the eyeshadow palettes, foundation, concealers, eye pencils, etc. in the world.

Many products that remain unused

For people with the psychology of a hoarder, products remaining unused for years. And expiring is not a matter of concern. All they are concerned about is collecting any available beauty product. And this is what gives them optimum satisfaction.

Clinging on to products that have expired

Due to the obsession that a beauty hoarder harbours, they never want to part from those products no matter how old they become.

You should get rid of the products that have crossed the expiry date so that it can make room for the new ones in your abode. But these people, who love stockpiling, can never get enough of anything they have possessed till date and continue to cling on to them.

Once you realize that your psychology is that of a beauty hoarder, you should try all means to curb down your obsession.

Otherwise, this unnecessary hoarding can get too exploitive and taxing, in all aspects.

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