Dark Circles and Puffy Eyes: Why Do I Get Them?

We have experienced looking at the mirror early morning and seeing puffy eyes or dark circles at least once in our life. It might be an everyday issue for some and some might experience it rarely. So it would be good to know what causes it so that you know you can fix the problem.

To begin with, you need to understand the skin around the eyes is basically the thinnest skin in the whole body and is sensitive to minute changes. Be it the flow of fluids or the common makeup application, the skin is prone to higher risks of damage compared to other regions in the body. The major problems that our eyes might experience, barring the wrinkles, are dark circles and puffy eyes. We will tell you why!


Puffy eyes

This is caused due to various reasons like cold, seasonal allergies, sinus infection or even insignificant things like consuming salty food or crying before going to bed. Actually, it has got everything to do with osmosis. Water moves from regions that have less salt concentration to regions with high salt concentration so that the sodium levels are balanced. Hence, if you ate a whole bag of salt chips or watched a tragic movie crying, your body will overcompensate.

The way one sleeps can also result in puffy eyes. Sleeping on the stomach or sleeping on sides will make fluids pool in the eyes. If this is the case, sleeping to the right would cause more puffiness. Though the habit is difficult to change, you need to try and sleep on your back. Even rubbing the eyes too much or dozing off with the makeup still put can result in puffiness. These things don’t just cause wrinkles but also irritate your eyes. Avoiding these things would decrease the possibility of your eyes getting puffy. But few of us are born with such habits and it is hard for us to avoid them. But we must!


Dark Circles

This problem is usually linked to tiredness but it can be caused due to other reasons than just insufficient sleep. Few of us have genes that play a vital role in causing such pigmentary issues which result in discoloration of skin under the eyes. This problem is mostly seen in people from African and Asian ancestry. Another cause which doesn’t have a solution is aging. Our skin goes thin as we grow older and since this region already has thin skin, there is an increase in the appearance of tiny little blood vessels in the region. With growing age, the skin density here is reduced and shows up orbital bones that appear as a dark circle.

Hence you must ask yourself if you have got blue colored circles under your eyes or brown. Brown circles are a result of genetic issues. It could also be due to excessive pigmentation that is a result of rubbing the eyes or even extensive exposure to the heat of the sun. You could use soy based cream or citrus based cream which will eventually brighten your skin. Besides that, please stop running the eyes rigorously. Sunscreen for the safety of skin is always recommended.

If it is bluish dark circles, it is due to blood pooling in the region under your eyes. It is likely to be seen during mornings.

Sleep well and sleep peacefully. You can also avoid the problem with smart choices for your makeup.


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